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Title: My new GNR facebook page. "Guns N' Roses - UK & Euro Fans"
Post by: Nightrained on September 02, 2013, 06:41:07 PM
I've just made a GNR fan page, I hope you like and share to help build up initial numbers.
Obviously the page is aimed at UK/Euro fans but anyone is welcome to like.  I appreciate there are many GNR pages out there, but most aren't updated enough, where as I aim to keep a constant flow of updates on a weekly basis. I actively keep up to date on this forum, and a few others as well as the band members Twitter/Facebook pages. So, I am providing a fan page to consolidate all the information of the latest news and discussion.
The page is predominately supporting the current lineup and members side projects, however the page is un-bias and has a respect for all lineups. 
Please join and see how far we can take this community :)