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Title: Live Era '87-'93 recording dates. (2022 update)
Post by: rebelhipi on December 14, 2022, 06:35:55 PM
This is the most complete list of where the Live Era album was recorded. I only included the sources for the instruments, since some of the vocals have been overdubbed and also cut&pasted from other shows. For example It's So Easy has some vocal lines from the first 1991 Rio show, but i wont get into that.
The sources on Spotify ect. Have some mistakes so i hope this can help you.

Nightrain (Las Vegas 1992.01.25)
Mr. Brownstone (London 1991.08.31)

             ''Take a step back''       (unknown)
It's So Easy (Paris 1992.06.06)
Welcome To The Jungle (Las Vegas 1992.01.25)
Dust N' Bones (New York 1991.05.16)
My Michelle (London 1991.08.31)
You're Crazy (Tokyo 1988.12.10)
Used To Love Her (Tokyo 1988.12.10)
Patience (Mexico City 1993.04.24) / (Las Vegas 1992.01.25) ^
It's Alright (Houston 1992.09.04) *
November Rain (Tokyo 1992.02.22)
Coma (Omaha 1993.04.10) *

Out Ta Get Me (London 1987.06.28)
Pretty Tied Up (Tokyo 1992.02.22)
Yesterdays (Las Vegas 1992.01.25)
Move To The City (Tokyo 1992.02.22)
You Could Be Mine (Tokyo 1992.02.22)
Rocket Queen (Las Vegas 1992.01.25) ~
Sweet Child O' Mine (Paris 1992.06.06)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (London 1992.04.20)
Don't Cry (Tokyo 1992.02.22)
Estranged (Tokyo 1992.02.22)
Paradise City (Las Vegas 1992.01.25)

^ Acoustic part is from Mexico City. Electric part from Las Vegas
* unconfirmed since there's no bootleg to compare
~ Gilby's guitar is removed form the album

Title: Re: Live Era '87-'93 recording dates. (2022 update)
Post by: Bridge on December 17, 2022, 07:40:07 PM
I recall this from years back.... and yes, Axl rerecorded many of the album's vocals, which ultimately took away the enjoyment for me.  I prefer Axl's raw, scratchy vocals to all the obvious sweetening found on songs like "Rocket Queen", "Nightrain", and "My Michelle".