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This kills me. If Slash really did this, then the dude I use to think was so great is just a bitch. I am starting to think this already in my gut. I am taking Axl's side. It (Axl's story) just seems (sounds) right to me. On the flip side, Axl played things for them like TIL and never acted like a fuckhead just wanting to hold onto the material just for himself. They heard some of the material that is on Chinese Democracy, in its early stages. They heard them and still left. This new GNR album is beyond brilliant and masterful. Nothing they have done since being in GNR is anything in the same universe as Chinese Democracy. That is a straight up fact they will never be able to live down. And any kind of debate on who is right ends with this very simple straight forward truth. I just read the Ron Thal interview and he said that he believes in Axl and Axl's vision. I have lost much respect for Duff and Slash for not. They are obviously not worthy of my respect if even half of what Axl said is true (which I am thinking is closer to the real truth in light of much evidence to support this). Really fuck Slash. I still love old GNR's music but if push comes to shove, where Chinese Democracy and this new GN'R goes. I go. I will not give Slash or Duff one more penny unless they fucking get real and dig fucking deep and produce something fucking real fucking special. Chinese Democracy and Axl fucking Rose has just raised the bar.

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"Which led to the trial period where Slash played the key bits of Fall to Pieces but once I showed some interest that was over."

Can anyone shed some light on this?

I guess it's the Fall to Pieces Velvet Revolver put out.

Yeah but what if anything does that have to do with axl?

I don't know if the original question was posed in regards to certain websites taking what Axl said and making it sound like he's claiming VR "stole" Gn'R material.  I don't know where that comes from; all Axl said was that he heard the basic pieces of what became Fall to Pieces from Slash and as soon as he showed interest, Slash pulled it away.  That's all.

I don't think there is much else to the story (that we know, anyway)

He's saying Slash wrote the riff to Fall To Pieces while he was still in GNR, and when Axl showed interest in it, buried it away. It eventually wound up on Contraband. What's so hard to understand?

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He's saying Slash wrote the riff to Fall To Pieces while he was still in GNR, and when Axl showed interest in it, buried it away. It eventually wound up on Contraband. What's so hard to understand?

Well... the "why?" is not that obvious.

I understood that as part of the "smoke Axl out of GNR campaign" where Slash tried to make it look like Axl had (only) some weird ass industrial vision he wanted to chase. Obviously that wasn't the case and Axl was interested in going with Slash's blues rock stuff. So bringing classic rock stuff to the table wouldn't have suited Slash as it would've proved his allegations false right off the bat.

Or, is it that Slash wasn't sure he had anything even remotely good until Axl showed interest. Slash must have had his ego smashed by the, and rightfully so, beating he took musically for his lame and failed solo projects. Axl validated something he had so he decided to get all greedy and figured he would keep it for a Axlless future. 


Regarding Axl's statement about Fall to Pieces, I think this excerpt from a past interview Axl gave (2001?), sheds a lot of light on what he meant:

"It seemed to me that anytime we got close to something that would work, it wasn?t out of opinion that Slash would go ?hey it doesn?t work?, but it was nixed simply because it did work. In other words, ?Whoa, wait a minute. That actually might be successful, we can?t do that.? People like to call me paranoid. It has nothing to do with paranoia; it was to do with reality. If the material were strong enough for me to sink my teeth in then I would still be in a certain public position in regards to Guns, we?d have possibly still held a certain popularity with the public as I have previously been fortunate enough to have had. Slash and his ex-wife Renee and his security guy and closest confidant at the time, Ronnie Stalnacker could not live with that. It?s not something Slash could live with. Slash chose not to be here over control issues. Now people can say ?Well Axl, you?re after control of the band too.? You?re damn skippy. That?s right. I am the one held responsible since day one."


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