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Author Topic: Same Boring Old Crap  (Read 7011 times)

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"Ol? Ol? Ol?, Axl Axl!!!"

« on: November 08, 2019, 09:43:27 AM »

Let's continue here if u want to have a civilized discussion, cause the boss said that my efforts to answer to YOUR questions is just crap and dead horse material (funny cause nobody really ever talked about this)... So he closed the main thread

Quote from: PermissionToLand on Today at 01:54:38 AM
Quote from: ITARocker on November 06, 2019, 12:43:51 PM
Quote from: PermissionToLand on November 06, 2019, 04:42:32 AM

He sounds like he's gargling mucus and God, I hope that's all it was, because if not, he had to be doing damage to the vocal cords.

This happens when u go for the rasp but vocal cords don't vibrate as they should. But it doesn't really mean that he's forcing that much, maybe your cords are already fucked up somehow, or u are just tired & they just don't cooperate...I mean, he's not really screaming, it's all about "compression". I don't have his vocal range, but i have a powerful voice, i can do the rasp as well in my range and, you know, it seems that you are screaming and destroying your cords, but you are not, its just a technique (and i can even singin high and clean but that really stresses my cords, more than the rasp in my natural range, so it doesnt really mean anything). On the other hand when u are angry and u scream "for real" u lose your voice after 2 min...

Basically every single professional vocal coach says that rasp is not healthy. And the rest of your "explanation" makes it pretty clear you don't actually know how the voice works.

U can notice this even on ac/dc concert and the evolution of his rasp. I think he even use a little bit of autotune or ghost tracks cause when you're voice s crackin its almost impossible stay in tune. The cracks that you hear are unnatural, u can feel he's cracking but somehow he manages to keep singin in tune... so i think he's using something (nothin bad btw)

Ehm, just no...


I haven't said it's healthy. But it's not that dangerous (in long terms its not the greatest thing but u can handle it) if u know how to do it ...Knowing that before u use distorsion (so called rasp) you have to learn how to sing clean, and not viceversa. There's plenty of singers who lost their range and power and they don't use rasp at all just because they don't know how to sing properly, they don't know what  to do and what not to do. An Example: do you remember the thing Axl did in the 90's, i mean the short scream at the end of the songs, between verses etc (kinda like the Michael jackson thing but using the rasp)?? Even when he was back in full rasp in '06 an '10 he didn't do it anymore and do you know why? Cause that "little" thing damages your vocal cords A LOT cause u use a lot of air which makes your vocal cords dry.

Quote from: DeN on Yesterday at 02:32:55 PM

if you have any video examples I'm interested to listen to them

Every single "do you know where the fuck you are?" scream. I already knew it but if u check the last rock in rio (disaster) when he screams in his baritonal register u can clearly hear the ghost track or the autotuned voice in a higher register. It's probably at the 5%-10% of axl's mic volume but here u can hear it clearly.

1:03 (does axl have 2 voices?don't think so)

I could check some guns/ac dc video and show you other examples, but it would be deadly boring, but trust me...In guns n roses there are very few of this things mainly during the screaming parts (90% just delays and reverbs..."classic" effects, but sometimes autotune and/or ghost tracks).
In ac dc you can notice a little bit of autotune or something like that when the rasp voice turns into the "pterodactyl" voice (listen to the RIR wttj video i posted and focus on the word (your in the jungle) BABY of the intro part...that kind of sound): my voice is cracking and/or  it's out of control but somehow i stay in tune so u can clearly hear an unnatural sound, even for the magic vocal cords of mr axl rose  Grin. It's like you're running zig zag but a superior force makes your run straight hihi

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