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January, 1993 - Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds' North American tour starts in January and ends in March.
January 9th, 1993 - The band and their 80-person entourage leaves Los Angeles at around 10:30pm and arrives in Tokyo in the morning of January 11th.
January 12th, 1993 - First show of three at the Tokyo Dome. The band arrives at the venue at around 2pm for a soundcheck.

At around 6:40pm the band kick off their set with "Welcome To The Jungle". At the close of the 18-song set, Axl jumps down into the crowd to hand out individually-wrapped red roses.

The band leave at around 10pm, meeting up at the Lexington Queen nightclub.

January 14th, 1993 - The second show at the Tokyo Dome starts at around 7:30pm with "Nightrain". Axl dedicates "Yesterdays" to his brother. After the show the band join Ronnie Wood at his after-show party.
January 15th, 1993 - Final show in Tokyo. Intro music used tonight is Jim Carroll's "People Who Died".

"Live And Let Die" is introduced as "Live And Let Stir-fry".

Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones joins the band onstage for an extended version of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".

January 30th, 1993 - Show at the Eastern Creek Raceway outside Sydney, Australia. A meet n' greet has been arranged for 15 handicapped fans. The show is delayed for 30 minutes by a faulty power generator.
January 31st, 1993 - The band fly to Melbourne, Australia. Slash, Duff, Dizzy and Gilby spend the evening at a local rock club where Rose Tattoo are playing.
February 1st, 1993 - The whole entourage watch the US Superbowl on TV. The show at the Calder Park Raceway stadium goes ahead in torrential rain. Despite the rain, it breaks national attendance records.
February 2nd, 1993 - Duff and Dizzy visit a spinal injuries hospital on the outskirts of Melbourne.
February 3rd, 1993 - The band fly to New Zealand. With the time difference, they arrive at 5am and are just in time for last orders at the bar!
February 4th, 1993 - Party at in a restaurant overlooking Auckland harbour for Duff, Axl and Del James as all their birthdays fall over the next few days.
February 5th, 1993 - Duff's birthday. In the afternoon, Slash visits a dinosaur exhibition.

In the evening he dines at a sushi restaurant called Fukuoka (because he loved the name!) before he and other band members go go-karting until 2:30am.

February 6th, 1993 - Axl's birthday and the final show of this leg of the tour at the Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

The crew stop the GN'R show at the end of "November Rain" to bring a massive birthday cake onstage for Axl. Everybody sings "Happy Birthday".

February 7th, 1993 - The band leave Auckland, New Zealand for their journey back to Los Angeles.
February 9th, 1993 - Appetite For Destruction is certified 9x Multi-Platinum in the USA.
February 23rd, 1993 - The "Skin And Bones" leg of the "Use Your Illusion" world tour kicks off at the Frank Erwin Centre in Austin, Texas. First performance of Garden Of Eden.

This leg sees the band back down to their core of six members and it features an acoustic section in the middle of the set. The Brian May Band is the opening act during the first half of the North American leg and Blind Melon during the second.

February 25th, 1993 - The band travels to Birmingham, AL to play at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center.
February 26th, 1993 - Four shows cancelled owing to adverse weather conditions between February 26th and March 4th.
March 6th, 1993 - Show at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, CT.
March 8th, 1993 - First of two shows in Maine on this leg. The first one is at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland.
March 9th, 1993 - The second Connecticut show on this leg of the tour is at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford.
March 12th, 1993 - The first Canadian show of the year is held at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.
March 16th, 1993 - The band crosses the border back to the USA to play the second show in Maine at Augusta's Augusta Civic Center.
March 17th, 1993 - St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with a show in Boston, MA at the Boston Garden.
March 20th, 1993 - After playing shows on the East Coast, the band goes west to play at the Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, IA.
March 21st, 1993 - Show at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.
March 24th, 1993 - Back to Canada for a show at Winnipeg's Winnipeg Arena.
March 25th, 1993 - RIAA certifies Appetite For Destruction to have sold 10x Multi-Platinum in the USA.
March 25th, 1993 - GN'R Lies is certified 4x Multi-Platinum in the USA.
March 27th, 1993 - Show at the Saskatchewan Place in Saskatoon, Canada.

The show was originally scheduled to take place the night before.

March 28th, 1993 - GN'R visits Edmonton, Canada to play at the Northlands Coliseum.
March 30th, 1993 - The last Canadian show on the Use Your Illusion tour is in Vancouver at the British Columbia Place.
April 1st, 1993 - Show in Portland, OR at the Memorial Coliseum.
April 3rd, 1993 - A show in Sacramento, CA is cut short after 90 minutes when Duff is hit in the head with what Slash calls a "bottle of piss" (MTV News reported it as a plastic water bottle). Axl announces that the show will be stopped.

A few minutes later Slash comes out and says that the "bottle of piss" knocked Duff unconscious and requires him to be taken to the hospital.

MTV news later reports him to be okay, and the next gig would go on as scheduled. Slash then says there is no way they are coming back out and that the show is over. He asks everyone to leave peacefully and "don't fuck with anyone, don't fuck with the building."

April 4th, 1993 - GN'R plays at the Lawlor Events Center in Reno, NV.
April 7th, 1993 - Show at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, UT. First show on this leg with Blind Melon opening.
April 9th, 1993 - GN'R rocks South Dakota by playing at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City.
April 10th, 1993 - Show at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha, NE.
April 13th, 1993 - GN'R plays in Auburn Hills, MI at The Palace Of Auburn Hills.
April 15th, 1993 - GN'R are forced to cancel the show at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the band's performance here in 1987 Axl had been arrested for a scuffle with a security guy. The security guy had been beating up the band's friends in the audience. With Axl on parole for previous offences the show is pulled by manager Doug Goldstein. "I'm not willing to be a sitting duck for the police," claims Axl, "I'm familiar with that experience."

April 16th, 1993 - The last US show on the Use Your Illusion tour is in Chapel Hill, NC at the Dean Smith Center.
April 21st, 1993 - The first of five Mexican shows is at the Estadio Jalisco in Guadalajara. This is the first time GN'R plays in Guadalajara.
April 23rd, 1993 - Show at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico.
April 24th, 1993 - Second show at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico.
April 27th, 1993 - First of two shows in Monterrey, Mexico, and the first time the band plays in the city, at the Estadio Universitario.
April 28th, 1993 - The second show in Monterrey, Mexico at the Estadio Universitario is also the last Mexican show on this tour.
April 29th, 1993 - Gilby breaks his left wrist in a motorcycling accident, while practicing for a celebrity race in honour of the TJ Martell Foundation for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research. The next four shows has to be cancelled. The forthcoming European shows are in jeopardy, but Axl calls Izzy who steps in for the first five shows. "Izzy and I grew up together and we're like a family in a lots of ways - including having our differences," comments Axl.
May 14th, 1993 - The Drunk Fux plays at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California to raise money for a promoter who got injured in a motorcycle accident. The event raises $40,000. Slash, Duff, Matt, Dizzy and Gilby all play at the concert. One of the guests is Lemmy from Motorhead. The band plays covers such as "Communication Breakdown" and "Dead Flowers".
May 19th, 1993 - GN'R planned to play a show at the Lenin Stadium in Moscow, Russia. The show was cancelled due to the political situation in the country.
May 20th, 1993 - Second planned show at the Lenin Stadium in Moscow, Russia. This show was also cancelled due to the political situation in the country.
May 22nd, 1993 - At 9pm Guns N' Roses hit the stage for the first show of the European leg of the Get In The Ring Motherfucker - Round II tour at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel. Over 40 000 fans had gathered to see GN'R's first show in Israel, and also the biggest concert held in the country so far.

In the middle of the set, the band break into a rousing rendition of "Hava Nagila". Axl wears a Guns N' Moses t-shirt.

Izzy replaces Gilby for the first five dates on this leg of the tour.

May 22nd, 1993 - Guns N' Roses were planning to play a show outside the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, but the show was canceled due to the political situation in the country.
May 24th, 1993 - The second anniversary of the "Use Your Illusion" world tour and a show at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. The band's first show in Greece. The Brian May Band and Soul Asylum open the show.

Whilst Slash remains at the hotel bar, the rest of the band hit the Mercedes Club, with a selection of the world's top models, including Claudia Schiffer.

May 26th, 1993 - The band leave Athens at 10am to fly to Turkey. After three songs, Axl stops the show in Istanbul at the Inn Stadium and says: "If you don't stop throwing lit sparklers at each other, someone will get hurt and the band will be forced to leave the stadium."

The band fly overnight to Stansted

May 29th, 1993 - First of two shows at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, England. "Nightrain" opens the set. After an encore of "Paradise City", Axl throws two dozen red roses into the crowd.
May 29th, 1993 - The Civil War EP, and single, is released in the UK. Garden Of Eden is the B-side and the single peaks at #11 on the chart.
May 30th, 1993 - Gilby Clarke and his wife arrive from Los Angeles. Second show at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, England. Ronnie Wood (the Rolling Stones) and Mike Monroe (ex Hanoi Rocks) joins the band onstage. Gilby joins the band for Dead Flowers, Mike Monroe plays on Knockin' On Heaven's Door, and both along with Ronnie Wood perform Honky Tonk Women with GN'R.

Izzy's last show replacing Gilby.

June 2nd, 1993 - Show in Vienna, Austria at the Ernst Happel Stadion. This is Gilby's first show since he broke his wrist. Opening the show are Blind Melon, Suicidal Tendencies and Soul Asylum.
June 5th, 1993 - First show at Goffertpark in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. With a strict 10:30pm curfew, the band start the set in daylight at 8:15pm.
June 6th, 1993 - Second show in Nijmegen, The Netherlands at Goffertpark. Matt joins The Cult onstage for their last number.
June 8th, 1993 - GN'R take a short flight to Copenhagen, Denmark to play at Gentofte Stadion.

GN'R is introduced with "Copenhagen! Welcome to the 1993 Guns N' Roses Sunshine Festival! From Hollywood, Guns N' Roses!"

Axl introduces Welcome To The Jungle with "Let's see if I know where I am. Am I in Sweden? [crowd yells no] Am I in Holland? [crowd yells no] Am I in Copenhagen [crowd yells yeah] Well, do you know where the fuck you are?".

Halfway through the show, members of the entourage are found watching the nightly news on a small hand-held TV set - on which images of the show are being broadcast from a zeppelin flying overhead.

June 9th, 1993 - The band fly to Norway.
June 10th, 1993 - Sell-out show (29 000) at the Valle Hovin stadium in Oslo, Norway. It's the band's first show in the country.

That afternoon Duff pays a visit to a local dentist, where they remove a back tooth which has been giving him problems for some time.

In honour of the nation's heritage, all of the crew don plastic Viking helmets for the show - much to the amusement of the band and crowd.

Before the show, the band are presented with Platinum discs. So far they've sold 300,000 records in Norway - no mean feat in a country whose population is only a little over 10 times that size.

June 11th, 1993 - While on tour in Norway Matt visits his ancestral home town of Srum.

Gilby and Duff go out to a private screening of the new Sylvester Stallone movie, Cliffhanger.

In the evening Matt and Slash go watch blues guitar legend John Mayall at a club. Mayall later invites Slash up to jam.

June 12th, 1993 - Show in front of 31 000 at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden. As the band leaves the stage, Slash tells the crowd that there will be an aftershow party in Dizzy's room back at the Sheraton hotel. Luckily, only a few people understood what he was talking about!

884 fans were lifted over the barrier during the show, which is a record. The average for this venue is 300.

43 fans received medical attention for headaches.

June 13th, 1993 - While in Stockholm, Duff, Gilby and Matt went out for brunch. They visited the local Hard Rock Cafe. Later in the evening, Gilby and Dizzy have dinner at an Italian restaurant. At night, they visit Cafe Opera
June 15th, 1993 - Slash does a live on-air interview on Swiss national radio station DRS3.
June 16th, 1993 - The show at the St Jakob Fussballstadion in Basel, Switzerland is opened by Blind Melon and Quireboys.

During the show a naked Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) walks onstage to deliver a pizza.

June 17th, 1993 - In the evening Duff, Slash, Gilby and Matt go to the movies to see Alive. Dizzy revisits a tattooist and Axl takes a long sauna.
June 18th, 1993 - Dizzy's 30th birthday. The band fly to Bremen, Germany for the first of five German shows at the Weserstadion. The band play "Nice Boys" for the first time on this leg of the tour after which Axl invites the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to Dizzy.
June 19th, 1993 - Unable to find an open restaurant in Cologne, Germany, band members once again settle for a McDonalds.
June 20th, 1993 - A day-off. Sightseeing in Cologne. Slash and Gilby have dinner in an Italian restaurant next to the city's famous cathedral. The owner is unaware of the guitarist's sense of humor and so is delighted when Slash, unimpressed by the meal, signs the visitor's book:

"Of all the restaurants in the world, this is one!"

June 21st, 1993 - GN'R releases the videos "Don't Cry - Makin' Fucking Videos Part I" and "November Rain - Makin' Fucking Videos Part II".
June 21st, 1993 - GN'R fly to Stuttgart, Germany.

At the hotel, Slash records new material on a portable studio in his room.

June 22nd, 1993 - Show at the 50,000 seat Wildparkstadion in Karlsruhe, Germany. Support band Suicidal Tendencies fail to show up because they have been double booked and are in Italy opening for Metallica! Brain May gets stuck in traffic but eventually plays a longer set to compensate. GN'R hit the stage beneath a pouring rainstorm.
June 23rd, 1993 - Slash spends most of the day chatting with Axl and playing pinball.
June 24th, 1993 - Travel to Frankfurt, Germany. At 3am, Del James and Axl take a walk on their own without the usual security team. They find themselves in a seedy part of town confronted by junkies and drunks. After a few tense moments, they manage to extricate themselves before retiring to an all-night diner. They return to the hotel as the sun comes up.
June 25th, 1993 - Duff and the GN'R documentary film crew gatecrash a Geffen Germany sales conference in a nearby hotel. Duff commandeers the meeting, giving them a sneak preview of his solo album.

Tonight's show is held at Waldstadion in Frankfurt, Germany. For the first time since this leg of the tour started, the band play "Estranged".

June 26th, 1993 - The band fly to Munich, Germany and a show at the Olympic Stadium. Parts of the "Estranged" video are shot at this show.
June 28th, 1993 - Day off in Munich, Germany before flying to Bologna, Italy. In-flight movie is This Is Spinal Tap.
June 29th, 1993 - The show at the Stadio Braglia in Modena, Italy included a first rendition of Todd Rundgren's "Dust In The Wind".
June 30th, 1993 - Tonight's show at the Modena Stadio in Modena, Italy opens with "It's So Easy". Axl's assistant, Robert Finkelstein, is dumped at the front of the stage by three members of the security team.

At around 3am, the GN'R plane takes off from Bologna airport for Barcelona, Spain.

July 1st, 1993 - Duff's signing session at the Virgin Megastore in Barcelona attracts over 3,000.
July 2nd, 1993 - Slash and photographer Robert John are interviewed by a BBC film crew.

Axl, still in Verona, Italy, goes to watch U2.

July 3rd, 1993 - Axl and party travel to Venice, Italy for a day's sightseeing then on to Barcelona, Spain.
July 5th, 1993 - Show at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain. Del James takes to the stage dressed in a Domino's Pizza uniform and plays congas on "Used To Love Her".

They fly out for Madrid at 3am.

July 6th, 1993 - With late curfews in Spain, tonight's 22-song set at the Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain, doesn't start until 11:15pm. Matt and Duff swap instruments during "Knockin' On Heaven's Door".
July 7th, 1993 - Duff and Robert John tour the city of Madrid, Spain finding locations to take potential publicity and album cover shots for the bassist's forthcoming solo album.
July 8th, 1993 - GN'R fly to Nancy, France for a show at the 20,000 capacity Zenith arena. Rob Affuso joins them on congas during the acoustic set.

After the show, the band fly direct to Lyons, France.

July 9th, 1993 - Show at the indoor Halle Tony Garnier in Lyons, France. Tour manager Bill Greer plays congas on "Used To Love Her".
July 10th, 1993 - Day off, shopping and sightseeing. Slash buys a collection of small tables, each individually made in the shape of a Walt Disney cartoon character.
July 11th, 1993 - Leave for Belgium at 5pm. Show in Werchter. Suicidal Tendencies last show supporting GN'R. After Brian May, GN'R play a 19 song, two hour 10 minute set.
July 12th, 1993 - While in Belgium, Slash, Gilby and a few of the entourage get a special guided tour of the dinosaur exhibition at Brussels' natural history museum.
July 13th, 1993 - The last European show is in Paris, France at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. The show starts with It's So Easy and ends with Paradise City. The Brian May Band opens the show.
July 14th, 1993 - GN'R fly to Argentina.
July 15th, 1993 - The band arrives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At 2:30pm, assorted band members in heavy disguise leave the hotel for a nearby cinema, where they sneak in to watch Jurassic Park.

Dizzy, Slash and Gilby end the night in the bar, entertaining fans on the piano.

July 16th, 1993 - Show at the 70,000 capacity River Plate Stadium. 50 police officers from the city's narcotics division force their way into Axl's top floor suite, where he's eating dinner. They don't find anything.

The 21-song set starts with "It's So Easy" and ends with " Paradise City".

"Double Talkin' Jive" is dedicated to "the motherfucker who says we had drugs" and the band jams on "Train Kept A-Rollin'" during the song.

July 17th, 1993 - The last show of the "Use Your Illusion" world tour. The show is going to be broadcast live on TV in Argentina and Uruguay.

The set kicks of at 9:30pm with "Nightrain".

After the show, Axl, Slash and Dizzy return to the hotel bar where Axl plays the grand piano. The festivities end at 5:30am.

This turned out to be the last show Axl, Duff and Slash played together until April 1st, 2016. It was also Matt Sorum's as well as Gilby Clarke's last show with the band.

July 18th, 1993 - Gilby, Duff and Matt leave for the airport to head home at 6:30am. Later in the day, Slash, Dizzy and Del James sneak off to see Jurassic Park again, before catching a 7:45pm flight home.

By 9:30am, everyone is back in Los Angeles.

It's been the longest tour in rock history. The band had played a total of 192 dates in 27 countries. Over seven million people had seen the band perform.

August 23rd, 1993 - Axl testifies against Steven Adler in the Los Angeles Superior Court. During the testimony Axl revealed that Steven couldn't play due to his drug abuse and that his drumtrack on "Civil War" had to be edited from over 60 takes.
September 24th, 1993 - GN'R made a $2.5 million dollar out-of-court settlement payment to Steven Adler in respect of his October 1991 lawsuit.
September 26th, 1993 - Duff plays his first show on his solo tour at Webster Hall in New York City. Slash joins Duff onstage and they perform "It's So Easy" together.
October, 1993 - Duff releases his solo album "Believe In Me" which featured appearances by Slash, Gilby, Matt, Dizzy and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) amongst others. He also tours with his solo band, Duff, in Europe. They are opening for the Scorpions on their Face The Heat tour.
October 21st, 1993 - Axl reaches an out-of-court settlement with a St. Louis fan who claimed he was hurt in a scuffle with Axl during the St. Louis 1991 concert. William (Stump) Stephenson received an undisclosed amount of money and Axl's autograph in his scrapbook. Stephenson said he was injured when Axl jumped off the stage and attacked him for taking pictures of the band. The show ended in a riot with about 65 people injured.
November 13th, 1993 - The day before his Swedish show, Duff makes an appearance at a record store in Stockholm. He signed autographs and drank wine straight out of the bottle. One Swedish journalist didn't think it was appropriate since most of the people there were young teenagers.
November 14th, 1993 - Axl goes to see U2 at the Anaheim Stadium in Los Angeles, CA.

According to L.A. Times GN'R and U2 planned on doing something together.

November 20th, 1993 - Ain't It Fun is the first single from "The Spaghetti Incident?". It enters and peaks at #9 on the UK chart.
November 23rd, 1993 - The cover album, "The Spaghetti Incident?" is released in the US. One of the songs is "Look At Your Game Girl" which was written by Charles Manson. This causes some controversy.
December, 1993 - Estranged is released as the last single from the Use Your Illusion albums.
December 11th, 1993 - "The Spaghetti Incident?" enters the Billboard 200 at #4.

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