Want to chat with other GN'R fans?

Well, you can! Join a GN'R channel on IRC* and chat with other GN'R
fans from all over the world. All you need is an IRC client (and an Internet account :-) )

* = Internet Relay Chat

First you'll need to get the software.
I use mIRC. If you want to check out other IRC clients check out TUCOWS. Get mIRC here!
For more information about IRC, check out YAHOO's list of IRC sites.

Second You need a IRC server to connect to.

Usually the software includes a list of servers. There are many different
IRC networks. The biggest ones are EFnet, Undernet and DALnet.
We'll concentrate on EFnet and DALnet. Choose a DALnet or EFnet server and
connect to it. It's recommended that you choose a server that's geographically closest to you.

Third Join the channel.

The channel is called #gnr on both the DALnet and EFnet.

#Guns_n_roses on conectados.ciudad.com.ar:6667

Fourth Chat and have fun!


For more information on how to use IRC
and other IRC related issues check out
YAHOO's list of IRC sites.

List of GN'R related IRC channels:

#gnr on EFnet and DALnet (two different channels)
#gunsnroses on EFnet

Do you have a GN'R related IRC channel?
Mail the info to me and I'll put it up on this page.

Remember that you use everything at your own risk.



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