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January - March 2005:

March 31st, 2005: Quiet Riot Frontman: 'Steven Adler Is Brain-Dead'
March 30th, 2005: Slash to perform anthems at opener
March 28th, 2005: Velvet Revolver Replacing Iron Maiden On Ozzfest?
March 27th, 2005: VR on the Tonight Show + Canadian VR articles
March 25th, 2005: Adler's Appetite Part Ways With Vocalist Jizzy Pearl, Seek Replacement
March 25th, 2005: 'November Rain' Tops Kerrang! Rock 100 Poll
March 24th, 2005: McKagan's downward drink and drug spiral + McKagan immune to anaesthetic + VR Ottawa review
March 23rd, 2005: Sweet Child O' Mine named second best song to drive to
March 22nd, 2005: GN'R on Dutch Yorin FM's top 1000 list + Slash interview + VR pics from Sydney
March 20th, 2005: Guns N' Roses Classic Among Greatest Guitar Tracks Of All Time
March 20th, 2005: Tom Zutaut's letter in NY Times
March 19th, 2005: Izzy book update + VR mention on NASCAR site + Another GN'R article
March 19th, 2005: Slash wins Esky award + GN'R mentions
March 18th, 2005: Slash to make music for video game + Slash named 6th best metal guitarist
March 17th, 2005: Slash Comments On Return Of His Top Hat
March 17th, 2005: Gilby to appear at Download festival with MC5
March 15th, 2005: GN'R mention on + Zakk Wylde: Waiting For Axl Rose To Release 'Chinese Democracy'
March 12th, 2005: Adler's Appetite: Bang Tango's Leste To Fill In For Jizzy Pearl in Japan + VR in Essen, Germany
March 10th, 2005: Slash's top hat is still missing
March 9th, 2005: Dizzy To Appear In 'The Still Life' Movie
March 9th, 2005: Metalshrine interviews co-author of Steven's book
March 8th, 2005: Axl mention in Blender + VR articles
March 6th, 2005: Merck writes letter to the New York Times
March 5th, 2005: Slash Still Doesn't Have His Hat Back
March 5th, 2005: GN'R in the NY Times
March 5th, 2005: Slash Confirms Plans For Live CD And DVD
March 5th, 2005: It's Official: Slash Gets His Top Hat Back + more
March 4th, 2005: Axl & GN'R mention in Billboard
March 4th, 2005: VR in Billboard + Slash talks about the top hat + Slash, Duff Vs Axl Rose Case Delayed Until November + Gilby producing album
March 3rd, 2005: VR to play at the Phoenix International Raceway Speed Jam
March 3rd, 2005: Slash's Top Hat Recovered?
March 1st, 2005: More European VR dates + VR/GN'R mentions
February 25th, 2005: Tommy records track with Paul Westerberg + VR news
February 24th, 2005: Velvet Revolver Set To Launch Headlining 'Electric Wonderland Show' Tour
February 24th, 2005: GN'R mentions in The Sanctuary Group Annual Report
February 23rd, 2005: VR US and Greek tour dates
February 22nd, 2005: New Adler's Appetite interview + Slash's Top Hat Stolen + more
February 21st, 2005: HMV makes up CD release date
February 19th, 2005: Tommy mention in Harp mag + Reviews of Tommy's Atlanta show and the Adler's Appetite EP
February 18th, 2005: Watch the new VR video online + VR news/articles
February 17th, 2005: GN'R nominated for Echo Award in Germany
February 15th, 2005: VR Grammy pictures + Comments from VR
February 14th, 2005: Sweet Child O' Mine on EW's 50 Greatest Love Songs of All Time list + GN'R week on Dutch radio + GN'R track used in cartoon ad + VR wins a Grammy
February 11th, 2005: Tommy article + Slash Says Audience Reaction Matters Most + Weiland Shoots Down Rumors Of Rift With Slash
February 8th, 2005: VR articles/interviews
February 8th, 2005: Slash Tapped As Musical Director Of Grammy Awards All-Star Performance
February 8th, 2005: Adler's Appetite Canned From Hanoi Rocks Show Over Adler's Interview Comments
February 8th, 2005: Velvet Revolver Set For U.K.'s Download Festival
February 6th, 2005: Tommy hopes that GN'R will tour in Europe in the summer
February 4th, 2005: GN'R in FHM and Kerrang! magazines + Matt scores music for a movie
February 3rd, 2005: Velvet Revolver To Take Part In All-Star Live Performance At Grammy Awards
February 3rd, 2005: Dizzy Says He Will Continue To Support Axl Rose + Slash And Duff Answer Kerrang! Readers' Questions: Video Available
February 2nd, 2005: VR @ the Reading/Leeds festivals?
February 1st, 2005: Indie band mentions GN'R in a song + VR on the Batman Begins soundtrack? + VR to play in The Netherlands
February 1st, 2005: Axl Rose Publishing Deal Fuels Feud
January 31st, 2005: Tommy interviewed on Q104.3
January 29th, 2005: Slash jams with Camp Freddy in Hollywood
January 29th, 2005: Tommy in the New York Daily News
January 29th, 2005: VR to appear on Ozzfest day at Download festival? + VR to open for Black Sabbath
January 28th, 2005: "Greatest Hits" 2004 Finnish sales + GN'R mention + Duff & Slash interview
January 27th, 2005: VELVET REVOLVER Record Acoustic Version Of 'Fall To Pieces'
January 27th, 2005: New GN'R Tribute Album To Feature Members Of Motley Crue, Ratt, Scorpions
January 26th, 2005: Velvet Revolver articles & mentions
January 26th, 2005: 'Chinese Democracy' To Be Released In April? + GN'R/VR rumor
January 26th, 2005: Axl Rose Signs Publishing Deal With Sanctuary
January 26th, 2005: VR Confirmed For Germany's Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park festivals
January 26th, 2005: Axl Rose Signs To Sanctuary Publishing
January 19th, 2005: New Tommy interview + Duff & Slash Radio 1 playlist
January 18th, 2005: VR announce second Sydney date and support act + Slash: I live to rock + VR to appear on cover of "Tears In Heaven" + Slash interview
January 17th, 2005: Slash Sign Guitar To Benefit Pediatric Kidney Research + VR review/mention + New issue of Nightrain fanzine
January 17th, 2005: Duff & Slash on BBC Radio 1 + Gilby joins MC5
January 15th, 2005: Velvet Revolver Reloading + more articles
January 14th, 2005: Greatest Hits on Norway's best-selling albums of 2004 + New Adler's Appetite interview + VR pics from Dublin
January 13th, 2005: VR in RS + articles + Matt in Modern Drummer
January 12th, 2005: GN'R in Mojo magazine + VR London review
January 12th, 2005: Velvet Revolver North American spring tour
January 11th, 2005: Axl and VR mentions in Spin
January 11th, 2005: GH #17 in Sweden + Ask Slash + more
January 8th, 2005: Slash donates signed guitar to raise money for the Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
January 7th, 2005: New Steven Adler interview + more
January 7th, 2005: Slash says that 'Dirty Little Thing' is VR's oldest single
January 6th, 2005: Ozzy talks about Buckethead
January 6th, 2005: GN'R day on MTV2 Europe + AFD mention + Slash in Guitar World
January 2nd, 2005: "Paradise City" in movie trailer + Guns N' Roses Fan Missing Again + VR articles
January 2nd, 2005: Adler's Appetite: Debut EP Audio Samples Posted Online
January 1st, 2005: Sweet Child O' Mine voted third best song of all times


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