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April - June 2005:

June 30th, 2005: GN'R release date rumor untrue + VR mention in Live 8 list + Duff mention
June 27th, 2005: New VR music video available online + Interview with Izzy mentions
June 25th, 2005: Dizzy Reed's Top Five Albums of All Time + Slash Wristband update + VR pics
June 23rd, 2005: VR Writes New Song 'Come On Come In' For 'Fantastic Four' Soundtrack and Film
June 21st, 2005: Richard Fortus news + Iranian GN'R book + VR pics
June 20th, 2005: Acoustic version of "You Got No Right" will be the next VR single?
June 17th, 2005: Tommy audio interview + Slash's charity wristband
June 16th, 2005: Chris Cornell talks about touring with GN'R and Axl
June 14th, 2005: Ju Ju Hounds bass player comments on unofficial Izzy biography
June 14th, 2005: Gilby Clarke album appearance + Steven Adler mention
June 13th, 2005: Axl on tv (Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert documentary) + VR articles
June 11th, 2005: GN'R cover on Mr. & Mrs. Smith soundtrack + Matt Sorum: 'We Need A Real Break' From Touring
June 9th, 2005: Velvet Revolver: One Year Later
June 9th, 2005: Velvet Revolver Cuts Short European Tour
June 8th, 2005: New issue of the Nightrain fanzine
June 3rd, 2005: Steven Adler: "Axl's Chinese Democracy is crap"
June 3rd, 2005: Little Tommy update + VR articles
June 2nd, 2005: Velvet Revolver Pen 'Fantastic' Tune
June 1st, 2005: Slash Action Figure Officially Unveiled
May 31st, 2005: Steven Adler: Axl Rose 'Should Get His Head Out Of His Ass'
May 31st, 2005: Velvet Revolver to take part in Live 8 concert + Appetite For Destruction enters UK Rock chart
May 30th, 2005: Unofficial biography of Axl to be published in 2005?
May 29th, 2005: Robin's site updated
May 27th, 2005: Axl Rose ordered to pay label's legal fees in dispute over early recordings
May 27th, 2005: GN'R on UK "Best Live Band Of All Time" list
May 26th, 2005: Hollywood Rose & Gilby featured on "Hollywood Rocks!" box set
May 25th, 2005: GN'R song performed on Czech "Idol" show + Slash to perform at B.B. King's birthday party + VR articles
May 22nd, 2005: Axl Rose among '20 Baddest Boys' in music
May 20th, 2005: Serj Tankian & Buckethead album + VR article
May 18th, 2005: Velvet Revolver to play at the Roskilde Festival + GN'R mentions
May 17th, 2005: Izzy news + VR cancels I Love All Access soundchecks for the remaining dates
May 17th, 2005: Duff & Slash perform with Gilby
May 16th, 2005: Dizzy/GN'R mentions in interview + VR articles/reviews
May 13th, 2005: Slash To Promote X GAMES 11 + VR To Appear On 'Fantastic Four' Soundtrack
May 12th, 2005: GN'R article + Steven jams with Dog Days
May 11th, 2005: Axl mention on Toronto radio
May 10th, 2005: New pics from the 2002 tour on Richard's site + GN'R mentioned on Howard Stern's show
May 9th, 2005: Dizzy, BUCKCHERRY Frontman To Release New Original Material + VR news
May 8th, 2005: McFarlane Toys to make "Appetite For Destruction" piece
May 7th, 2005: With a new Appetite, Roses drummer comes to town
May 6th, 2005: Velvet Revolver cancels Polish date + VR articles
May 5th, 2005: Steven Adler: Audio Interview Posted Online
May 4th, 2005: Movie featuring Dizzy out next week
May 3rd, 2005: Trent Reznor mentions Robin + VR articles
April 29th, 2005: Dizzy mention + VR articles
April 27th, 2005: Velvet Revolver Added To Ozzfest Lineup
April 26th, 2005: Ga. Fans Disappointed by Axl's No-Show
April 25th, 2005: Gilby update + VR articles
April 23rd, 2005: A little GN'R mention in People magazine
April 21st, 2005: Love apologises to McKagan for Cobain's criticisms
April 21st, 2005: Georgia Club Hopes for Guns N' Roses Show
April 20th, 2005: Tommy's Personal Tour Photos Posted Online
April 18th, 2005: GN'R on Channel 4's The 100 Greatest Albums list
April 17th, 2005: Duff interview with GN'R mention
April 14th, 2005: Richard Fortus on tour with Nena
April 13th, 2005: Gilby Clarke: Live Appearances Announced
April 12th, 2005: Song stirs Guns N' Roses album talk
April 11th, 2005: GN'R in Rolling Stone magazine's The 100 greatest artists of all time list
April 10th, 2005: "IRS" leak update + GN'R mentions on Discovery Channel
April 9th, 2005: Another "IRS" clip + Axl mention in Robots + VR articles
April 8th, 2005: Second "IRS" clip leaked
April 7th, 2005: VR To Perform 'Dirty Little Thing' On 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
April 7th, 2005: Keri Kelli/Adler's Appetite interview + Matt Sorum 'Not Affected' By Jump To Arenas
April 7th, 2005: Former Axl Rose Assistant Says 'Chinese Democracy' Songs Are 'Phenomenal'
April 5th, 2005: Matt Sorum Says Velvet Revolver Didn't Want To Release 'Dirty Little Thing' As Single
April 4th, 2005: "Appetite For Destruction" named one of the Greatest Guitar Recordings of All Time
April 3rd, 2005: GN'R song on The Simpsons + GN'R made Danish Top 1000 + Slash in Guitarist mag + VR on Travel Channel
April 3rd, 2005: Clip of unreleased GN'R track leaked online
April 1st, 2005: Adler's Appetite to play at U.S. Indie Band & Film Expo + VR articles
April 1st, 2005: Matt Sorum Says Velvet Revolver Will Play Last Ten Ozzfest Dates


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