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April - June 2006:

June 30th, 2006: Guns N' Roses Continue Through Europe! [press release]
June 28th, 2006: Guns N' Roses Knock Out Stockholm (press release)
June 27th, 2006: Axl arrested and released from Swedish jail today
June 24th, 2006: GN'R to play in Turkey (press release)
June 23rd, 2006: GN'R to play in Greece
June 22nd, 2006: Rock Am Ring broadcast on German tv + Talking Metal GN'R mentions
June 21st, 2006: Tonight's Zürich, Switzerland show is postponed - press release included
June 19th, 2006: Izzy & GN'R update + GN'R song performed on Greek Video Music Awards
June 18th, 2006: GN'R on UK Channel 4 tonight?
June 17th, 2006: Roskilde Festival sold out + Brian May talks about GN'R + VR July shows
June 14th, 2006: Guns n' Roses @ Download: Destruction avoided
June 14th, 2006: Axl F1 clip
June 13th, 2006: Izzy making more guest appearances with GN'R
June 4th, 2006: Sebastian Bach's band to open for GN'R
June 2nd, 2006: Rolling Stones concerts with GN'R opening cancelled + Second Wembley show added
May 31st, 2006: GN'R ad in the Village Voice + Info on Robin's solo at Rock In Rio
May 25th, 2006: GN'R UK tour in July
May 24th, 2006: Rock in Rio Lisbon to be shown on AOL music
May 23rd, 2006: Axl to be interviewed on Eddie Trunk's show again? + more
May 22nd, 2006: Guns N' Roses storm New York [press release]
May 21st, 2006: Slash to guest on Alice Cooper's radio show + Slash to pay tribute to KISS at 'VH1 Rock Honors'
May 21st, 2006: TalkingMetal podcast episode 65 featuring GN'R fans
May 19th, 2006: GUNS N' ROSES Play Surprise Acoustic Gig In New York City [update: Photos available]
May 19th, 2006: Axl on KROQ today + GN'R to headline KROQ's Inland Invasion 2006 [updated: audio available]
May 19th, 2006: GN'R Get In The Ring! [press release]
May 18th, 2006: Izzy and Kid Rock perform with GN'R [updated]
May 18th, 2006: Izzy Stradlin Rejoins Guns N' Roses — For Three Songs During New York Gig
May 16th, 2006: Guns N' Roses to play London
May 16th, 2006: GN'R article & photos on RIR - Lisbon site
May 15th, 2006: GN'R adds another Spanish show + Axl on Philly radio tonight?
May 13th, 2006: The new guitarist is... + Talking Metal May 12th stuff
May 12th, 2006: Slash joining Matt Sorum as a guest on Camp Freddy Radio
May 11th, 2006: VR to perform at MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert
May 9th, 2006: Dublin opening act update + Eddie Trunk update #2
May 8th, 2006: Rock In Rio Lisbon GN'R pre-show party - more info
May 7th, 2006: Eddie Trunk posts on his site about hanging out with Axl
May 6th, 2006: Axl on Eddie Trunk's radio show last night + Zürich confirmed
May 5th, 2006: Guns N' Roses Storm New York
May 4th, 2006: The Rolling Stones 'A Bigger Bang' Will Be Joined By Guns N' Roses
May 3rd, 2006: GN'R to play Switzerland?
May 2nd, 2006: Opening act for New York shows
May 2nd, 2006: Madrid show date change
May 1st, 2006: Rock In Rio Lisbon GN'R pre-show party
April 28th, 2006: Slash To Divorce + Duff jams with a band in Nashville
April 26th, 2006: Download Festival day tickets to go on sale
April 25th, 2006: Bands appearing with GN'R at the Download Festival + Duff to tour with Alice In Chains
April 21st, 2006: NYC shows sold out + Boston-based guitarist auditions for GN'R + Dizzy (with Hookers 'N' Blow) to guest on Sirius satellite's 'Hostile Takeover' tonight
April 20th, 2006: Two more New York shows added
April 19th, 2006: Velvet Revolver Dive Deeper
April 14th, 2006: Matt Sorum meets Axl in NYC
April 14th, 2006: Velvet Revolver Bassist Promises 'Stinky' Pharrell Collabo
April 14th, 2006: GN'R to play two warm-up shows in New York City
April 13th, 2006: Tommy on WMMR in Philadelphia tonight? + Gilby goes to Greece
April 11th, 2006: Dublin and Stockholm opening acts announced
April 10th, 2006: More Axl / Sopranos pics + New Gilby interview
April 8th, 2006: Talking Metal podcast in search of GN'R + Pharrell Collaborating With Velvet Revolver
April 4th, 2006: Slash says that he has hasn't quit VR
April 1st, 2006: HTGTH update + How to order your HTGTH t-shirts


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