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January - March 2007:

March 31st, 2007: GN'R mentions on Eddie Trunk's blog
March 27th, 2007: Update regarding Brazilian tour dates
March 23rd, 2007: Hookers & Blow to play a show in CA
March 22nd, 2007: GN'R 2007 world tour starts in Japan
March 18th, 2007: Izzy talks about selling his music on iTunes
March 13th, 2007: The truth about 'Better'
March 12th, 2007: GNíR crew responds to Die Mannequin singer
March 9th, 2007: Bumblefoot on Q104 with Eddie Trunk tonight
March 7th, 2007: Appetite For Destruction on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's "Definitive 200 Albums" list.
March 6th, 2007: Q*Ball album featuring Bumblefoot out now.
March 1st, 2007: Hookers & Blow March update
February 25th, 2007: Upcoming Talking Metal shows with Bumblefoot & Frank
February 24th, 2007: Richard update
February 23rd, 2007: Knockin' On Heaven's Door clip from Feb 8th
February 22nd, 2007: Japanese Tour
February 22nd, 2007: Chinese Democracy Update
February 21st, 2007: Bumblefoot on the radio on Friday
February 15th, 2007: Dizzy interview on WZZO
February 13th, 2007: Bumblefoot radio appearances
February 13th, 2007: Catch And Release movie score by Tommy and BT now available
February 11th, 2007: Some details about the first leg of the 2007 tour
February 9th, 2007: Rodeo Drive's Walk of Style ceremony
February 9th, 2007: GN'R rocks Rodeo Drive
February 8th, 2007: GN'R performing at Fashion Designers Hall Of Fame ceremony
February 5th, 2007: Axl comments on upcoming South African shows
February 2nd, 2007: GN'R to play in South Africa
February 2nd, 2007: Guns N' Roses Set For First African Concerts
January 30th, 2007: Talking Metal Podcast episode 125 with Bumblefoot
January 23rd, 2007: Bumblefoot Visits NYC Gibson Guitars Showroom
January 19th, 2007: Slash & Gilby news
January 19th, 2007: Chinese Democracy pre-order on various online stores
January 15th, 2007: Catch And Release - new movie featuring music by Tommy Stinson
January 10th, 2007: Dizzy on tour with Hookers 'N' Blow [updated Jan 16]
January 8th, 2007: Brazilian GN'R Fan Convention 2007
January 3rd, 2007: GN'R songs on The Annual KISW Top 999 Of All Time


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