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July - September 2007:

September 29th, 2007: Bumblefoot at the Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo
September 25th, 2007: Dizzy to appear at the Great Lakes Film Festival in Erie, PA
September 20th, 2007: The same car on a bigger road - A Bumblefoot interview
September 18th, 2007: GN'R songs on The Thirty Greatest Karaoke Jams
September 11th, 2007: GN'R on Q104ís All Time Top 104 Album Countdown
September 4th, 2007: Vote for November Rain on
August 30th, 2007: Tommy Stinson to be featured on Temptation: Music from the Showtime Series Californication
August 21st, 2007: Axl Rose to appear on Sebastian Bach's new album, 'Angel Down'
August 16th, 2007: The Foot Guitar v2 contest update
August 10th, 2007: Bumblefoot at Locobazooka
August 5th, 2007: Rockers Live The Still Life In Movie And On Soundtrack
August 2nd, 2007: Reckless Road + Rolling Stone cover
July 29th, 2007: Adler's Appetite L.A. show
July 29th, 2007: Izzy Stradlin remixed
July 29th, 2007: Welcome To The Jungle to appear in Guitar Hero 3
July 23rd, 2007: Japan tour ends on high note in Osaka
July 20th, 2007: Brazilian "Gunner Convention 2007"
July 20th, 2007: Guns N' Roses: Live at Budokan
July 17th, 2007: GN'R tour of Japan rolls on
July 15th, 2007: Guns N' Roses (and a typhoon) hit Japan
July 15th, 2007: Charity Auction A Great Success
July 6th, 2007: Guns N' Roses Live Earth Press Release
July 4th, 2007: Opening act for Japan announced


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