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July - September 2008:

September 26th, 2008: New track called If The World to appear in Body Of Lies movie
September 24th, 2008: interview with Del James
September 24th, 2008: Appetite for Destruction certified to have sold 18 million copies
September 23rd, 2008: Richard touring with Rihanna in New Zealand & Australia
September 21st, 2008: Bumblefoot at the Chiller Theatre Expo
September 20th, 2008: Upcoming Dizzy shows
September 12th, 2008: Shackler's Revenge Track Info
September 11th, 2008: Rock Band 2 with "Shackler's Revenge" coming this weekend for Xbox 360
September 9th, 2008: Bumblefoot "Abnormal" coming to retail stores
September 9th, 2008: Del James interviewed and going on tour with Hookers & Blow
September 4th, 2008: Bumblefoot at Wrestler's Rescue + Hookers N' Blow planning South American tour
September 4th, 2008: Richard & Pale Divine
August 29th, 2008: Guns Reacts To Arrest
August 28th, 2008: Blogger Arrested For Leaking 9 GN'R Songs
August 27th, 2008: Blogger arrested, accused of posting 9 unreleased Guns N' Roses songs
August 26th, 2008: Richard Fortus upcoming show
August 16th, 2008: Rock Against Diabetes 2008
August 11th, 2008: Bumblefoot on XM 41 Eddie Trunk's "The Boneyard"
August 6th, 2008: Dizzy and Rock And Reel
August 6th, 2008: Spectraflex Cables launches "Bumblefoot Edition" guitar cable
July 15th, 2008: GN'R to get "Revenge" on Rock Band 2
July 14th, 2008: Rock Band 2 to feature new GN'R song "Shackler's Revenge"
July 11th, 2008: Richard & Pale Divine
July 1st, 2008: Bumblefoot "Abnormal" out today


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