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July - September 1999:

September 30th, 1999: Appetite for Reconstruction released / Steven Adler news
September 24th, 1999: Appetite for Reconstruction delayed
September 23rd, 1999: Axl Speaks: Rose Sounds Off On New GN'R Track
September 23rd, 1999: Guns N' Roses Leader Breaks Silence, Disses Former Bandmates
September 18th, 1999: Rumored release dates...
September 11th, 1999: Good God, Guns!
September 10th, 1999: Guns N' Roses Premiere Electronic-Influenced Single
September 9th, 1999: "Oh My God," Guns N' Roses Finally Has A New Song
September 9th, 1999: New Guns N' Roses Song Expected In Schwarzenegger Movie
September 7th, 1999: Chris Cornell talks about Josh, Axl and the GN'R album....
September 7th, 1999: Oh My God!!!!!
September 4th, 1999: GN'R album delayed?
September 2nd, 1999: Guns n' Roses Ready First-Ever Live Album
September 1st, 1999: Josh Freese joins Tool sideproject?
August 27th, 1999: Various Artists - Appetite For Reconstruction tracklist
August 27th, 1999: Slash Reports Missing Gear, Assault Charges Explained
August 26th, 1999: Live album update! Slash update
August 25th, 1999: Brian May not coming up Roses.
August 24th, 1999: Guns N' Roses Tribute Album
August 23rd, 1999: Guns N' Roses to tour with guest guitarists?
August 14th, 1999: Guns N' Roses Double Up
August 10th, 1999: Slash guests on another album! Sheryl Crow dedicates song to Axl
August 8th, 1999: Guns n' Roses, Limp Bizkit and Korn considered for "End of Days"
August 5th, 1999: Live Album Update!
August 4th, 1999: Guitarist Robin Finck Leaves GN'R To Return To NIN
August 4th, 1999: Robin Finck Leaves Guns N' Roses, Rejoins Nine Inch Nails
August 3rd, 1999: Slash's Snakepit album update
August 2nd, 1999: Slash Theft!
July 30th, 1999: Slash update #2
July 29th, 1999: Slash update
July 26th, 1999: Slash comments on new Snakepit album
July 26th, 1999: Slash Arrested For Assault
July 26th, 1999: Ex-Guns N' Roses' Guitarist Arrested
July 15th, 1999: New Guns N' Roses album almost done?
July 9th, 1999: New Guns N' Roses Makes Mystery Debut; Live Album Sessions Underway
July 4th, 1999: Axl rented the entire Rumbo studios?


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