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July 30th, 1999
Slash update #2
Slash has finished his work at Ocean Way Recording where he was laying down the basic tracks with producer Jack Douglas. And the last night, Izzy and Duff stopped by!

An update on the arrest:

In a domestic abuse case, the other party is arrested immediately, no questions asked. In many cases, it may be a life or death situation. Slash has not been charged with anything yet. What happens in these cases is that there is an investigation to see what's going on with these people. So, one partner can swear out a warrant, but the investigation can show, for example, that the person lied to cause problems for their (in this case ex-)partner. This is what should happen in Slash's case. The hearing for Slash will be this fall.

Slash has no travel restrictions or anything else that would impact his career.

This was posted on Linda Scott's Official Slash Home Page. [www.snakepit.org]

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