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December 31st, 2005
Slash talks about "Chinese Democracy" + Buckethead West Coast tour + Statement from former AA members
Apparently Slash was interviewed on WMMR in Philadelphia on Friday and he said that he can't wait to hear Axl's new record in March.

The host asked him if he meant that "Chinese Democracy" is coming out in March to which Slash replied that he's been told many things over time, but this time it really sounds like it's coming out. He also believes the album is done.

Enigmatic guitarist Buckethead will be working his way down the West Coast this February as part of a nine-gig trek that kicks off February 17 in Seattle. The guitarist ó who was briefly a member of Axl Rose's retooled Guns N' Roses ó will wrap up the tour on March 1 in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The following statement was posted on former Adler's Appetite singer Jizzy Pearl's web site:

Concerning the recent departure of members of Adlerís Appetite, Keri, Robbie and Jizzy would like to address the situation. The truth is none of the partners have quit Adlerís Appetite. In February of 2003 Keri Kelli and Ryan Johnson (Former A.A. manager) recruited each band member, Johnson later came up with the moniker ďAdlerís AppetiteĒ. On October 19th, 2004 in the state of California Jizzy Pearl, Keri Kelli, Robbie Crane & Steven Adler entered into a signed and notarized partnership agreement as ďAdlerís AppetiteĒ legally binding them as equal partners. The partnership has sole ownership and control of the name ďAdlerís AppetiteĒ, the EP Masters, the A.A. Website, DBA and all present and future interests from records, merchandise and/or touring under the ďAdlerís AppetiteĒ name. The Adlerís Appetite name and logo are registered trademarks owned by the partnership and itís four partners. In accordance with the partnership agreement no one single member has the right or authority to hire or fire anyone without a majority vote from all four partners. Steven Adler has violated this agreement and is in jeopardy of losing his share of the partnership and his right to the Adlerís Appetite name. Booking agents, promoters, club owners, record companies, merchandisers and any and all hired players should be aware that a legal partnership and trademark exists and anyone reproducing the Adlerís Appetite trademarked name and/or logo, anyone entering into any business affairs as Adlerís Appetite without the express written consent of all four legal partners are subject to full legal action. Keri Kelli, Jizzy Pearl and Robbie Crane want to thank all the fans for their support and apologize for the confusion.

The Adlerís Appetite Partners

Source(s): WMMR , http://www.mtv.com/ , http://www.jizzypearl.com/  
Thanks to: BP, misterbrownstone, Zqyx 
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