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March 4th, 2008
The Language Of Fear
By Del James

After being out of print for ten years, THE LANGUAGE OF FEAR, a short story collection by Del James is now available once again as a Dell paperback by print on demand. One of the top-ten most sought after horror/sci-fi titles, THE LANGUAGE OF FEAR featuring an introduction by W. Axl Rose, the book contains fifteen terrifying tales that run the gamut from a married man about to murder his wife on the command of a dial-a-porn hooker, to outlaw zombie bikers, to a stoned teenager locked in a savage war with his television set. THE LANGUAGE OF FEAR also features the short story “Without You” which was the inspiration for the Guns N’ Roses video “November Rain.”

About the Author:
DEL JAMES is a meat-eating, pro-choice, sober, atheist. He writes horror fiction, screenplays, and music. As a lyricist, James has co-written songs with groups such as Testament, The Almighty, The Outpatients, and Gun N’ Roses, including two songs on GNR’s Grammy-nominated Use Your Illusion album. James has directed several music videos and written live television for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is currently finishing his first novel, A Celebration of Pain. He likes to ignore his acquired wisdom and do things against his better judgment. When he’s not touring the world, James lives in Southern California. Visit him on the web at www.languageoffear.com

A Dell Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-440-21712-1
Price $7.99
-Available Now Wherever Books Are Sold-


“Del James has a personal knowledge of most of the situations he writes about, and has a love of the gutter from having been there.”
—W. Axl Rose

“Del James is fun. Of course, Hell is fun—if you’re one of the demons. That’s Del’s day job. After a hard day in Hell, he writes down what he saw. Good reading.”
—John Shirley, author of Living Shadows

"Del James writes like a cross-fire hurricane. Full of primal force and awesome energy, his stories leap out from the page, grab you and won't let you go. It's a shame horror didn't wake up and get the message of THE LANGUAGE OF FEAR back in '95. There might be a genre left now if it had."
—Paula Guran, DarkEcho.com

“The Language Of Fear could best be described as an updated Night Shift, the contemporary tales being short and nasty.”

“If Herschel Gordon Lewis had turned up with Black Sabbath and Charles Bukowski, it would play like Del James. This is pissed-off, heartbroken, rock ‘n’ roll horror: surprisingly tender, garage band crude, savage as a shotgun blast and audacious as an exit wound.”
—John Mason Skipp, co-author of The Long Last Call

Language Of Fear

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