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February 13th, 2000
GN'R mention in NME
In NME magazine (5 February 2000), Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie answered questions sent in by his fans.

Here's a GN'R related one:

Question: You talk about real rock - sex, drugs and rock n' roll - but I think Guns N Roses are the only band ever to have lived up to that mantra in lifestyle and quality of tunes. What are your thoughts (Jonny Mangia, USA).

Bobby: Dude, that's fair enough. I fucking love Guns N Roses. Alan McGee nearly threw me out of the Creation offices in '88 for having a Guns N Roses badge on. He was going, "They're fucking shite! The House of Love are where it's at!" and I was going, "Fuck off, man!" I love Appetite For Destruction, I think it's fantastic. And Axl's just fucking crazy, isn't he? But I don't know about this comeback, because the band don't really exist. Axl got rid of the fucking band. And what a great band. Duff McKagan, right. Steven Adler on drums, the junkie drummer, I loved him. Slash, Izzy fucking Stradlin'. I met Izzy once, he was great. Axl fucking Rose. I know Ian Astbury from The Cult, who were fucking out there, and when they took Guns N Roses on tour with them he said Axl was fucking insane. You know, Astbury, dressed up in that uniform, thinking that he was Jim Morrison - and he thought Axl was insane. So he must have been pretty bad.

Source(s): http://www.nme.co.uk/  
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