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March 12th, 2000
Jack Douglas talks about Slash
This is from an interview with producer Jack Douglas:

KNAC: But you just did a new Slash disc?

JD: That I did. Great guitarist, total pro and really great to work with. Slash was really computer un-friendly at first, but after a while, I couldn't peel him away from the screen when we were tracking he'd ask, "Have we totally loaded the disc drive, is it backed up yet?" But deep down, he liked the good old stuff, so we cut with the best set up, 16-inch, two-track tape.

KNAC: Is there pressure on him to kiss and make up and re-do Guns?

JD: Enormous pressure, like 100 million dollars worth. And he's not against it, if Axl goes back to being the Axl that he loves. Slash isn't using drugs at the moment, but after 11pm or so, he'll morph into the Dean Martin of rock- - "martini time!" He's a gas. Also the only guy I ever produced who was hauled off by the cops in the middle of a guitar solo.


JD: That's right. Slash had been charged by this crazy girlfriend of his with assault and had a warrant out. When the cops finally showed up, we expected it. The girlfriend had caused a major scene already, showed up at my hotel room and demanded to know where he was. I said nothing, so she talked the clerk into giving up his room number. She finds him and stabs him with a pencil! After he pushes her off, she charges him with assault! Anyway, the cops show up in the middle of the session, looking for "Mr. Slash," cuffed him and took him away. He had the bail bondsman's number in his teeth at the time, on a piece of paper. Had him out in no time.

KNAC: How rock and roll, eh?

JD: Totally. He lives for that shit, the edginess.

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