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March 14th, 2000
Rose Tattoo's Peter Wells talks about GN'R
This is from another KNAC interview. This one's with Rose Tattoo's Peter Wells:

However, the Rose Tattoo beast has continued to show signs of life. In 1993, Guns 'n' Roses, who covered "Nice Boys" on their Live Like a Suicide EP, requested that the band reunite and support them on their Australian tour. All the 1978 members of Rose Tattoo were present, save for Digger Royale, who died in 1991 after a long struggle with drug addiction. According to Wells, the experience was a good one.

PW: We made a couple of bucks, and spared no expense. [Guns 'n' Roses] were very rich. They spilt more champagne than they drank, dropped more cocaine on the floor than you could imagine.

KNAC: Listening to some of Guns 'n' Roses early stuff, I sometimes think that it might as well be a young Rose Tattoo playing.

PW: I don't remember them, but they used to turn up at gigs when we toured America. I don't know where they're from - Axl's from Butt-Fuck, Idaho or someplace - but he used to come to gigs and the guitar player used to come to gigs. They were around for a dozen-or-so years in different lineups, trying to get a record deal. Back in those days what they were signing in Los Angeles was bands like The Knack. There were all these bands [GNR] and about twenty others - Motley Crue was one of them - who couldn't get arrested, just playing in bars and stuff.

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