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April 24th, 2001
New album from Gilby
GILBY CLARKE - "I'm Working On Two Records At The Same Time."

Special Report By Aaron Small

Ex-Guns N' Roses rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke has two new CD's on the horizon. Up first is his fourth solo album, the follow up to 1998's Rubber. "I haven't completed it but it's pretty close," reveals Clarke. "Spitfire have it tentatively scheduled for late July. I should be finished with it pretty quickly, it's almost done. I haven't decided on a title yet but I think I'm going to call it Detonator."

And how is Detonator shaping up?

"My records tend to be three to four different styles. I enjoy everything. I like rock, I like roots, I like blues and I like pop. What I try and do is make a record I would enjoy listening to, a little bit of everything. This record's more rock. There's not really a lot of rootsy stuff on it. It's not heavy metal, it's just rock."

Compared to the previous Gilby Clarke albums, "I like all my albums. I don't really prefer one over the other. To me they all sound the same, it sounds like me playing my guitar really loud." New song titles include 'Alien', 'Beware Of The Dog' and 'Under The Gun'. "Those are the rock songs. 'Train To Nowhere' is a slower type song. 'I'm Nobody' is a fast punk rock type song."

Detonator was recorded at Gilby's own studio, Redrum Recording. Clarke produced it himself although he admits, "I don't know how much producing I really do, I just plug in and play." Appearing on Detonator with Clarke are drummers Brian Tichy (Alice Cooper), Eric Singer (KISS) and Mike Fasano (Warrant). Stefan Adika handles the bass while Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns) contributes some guitar.

The second record coming down the pipeline is from Clarke's infamous Thursday night jam band called The Starfuckers.

"It's myself, Tracii Guns, Slim Jim Phantom , Muddy (L.A. Guns) and Teddy Andreadis (ex GN'R)," explains Gilby. "It's not really a blues record, more of a rootsy type record. Its got Stones influence and Dylan, stuff like that. We're right in the middle of making it." When performing live, The Starfuckers are an all covers band but the album is all original material. "We're trying to branch out," laughs Gilby. "We got a record deal with a label called Icon Records in California. It's Mel Gibson's label. It's what he releases his soundtracks from Icon Pictures on."

How does one hook up with the star of Lethal Weapon and Braveheart?

"One of our buddies works for Icon and part of his deal is he gets to sign one band a year and we're the band he signed."

Contrary to previous reports, Gilby Clarke will not be touring with L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat this summer.

"No I'm not doing that," clarifies Gilby. "They had asked me about it when they first put it together. I said if everything falls in place I can make it happen but everything didn't fall in place so I couldn't make it happen. I think The Bulletboys are going to do it."

Finally, are the ties to Guns N' Roses completely severed?

"I hardly ever talk to anybody from Guns N' Roses anymore. I probably see Matt more than anybody, just bumping into him at a club. Everybody's got their little worlds now. No one really wants to go backwards, everyone wants to move forward and do their thing."

Thoughts on the new GN'R?

"The only thing I heard was the single that came out last year, 'Oh My God'. I have nothing against Axl and what he's doing. I'm actually pulling for him. I hope he does what he always wanted to do. At this point it's kind of moot to get everybody back together. Just let him do his thing and have a good time. I'm sure he'll be successful. It seems like everybody liked the two shows he did."

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