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June 2nd, 2001
Welcome back Axl/GN'R Fan Ad
Fans from across the world are contributing to a full-page ad in the LA Weekly to welcome back Axl and the new Guns N' Roses.

Here's more info from Eva, who's one of the organizers:

The total cost of the ad is $3,200. I am keeping a list / count of all who wish to participate and have their name listed on the page. Each fan will contribute $20 for a 'listing'. There will be 160 listings. (160 x 20=3200). Each 'listing' will be approx 50 characters. Once we have enough participants I will send instructions for payment. You will get a copy if you pay for the paper and the postage. The options for submission of payment will be either direct mail of money order or cash or through an E-bay 'auction' I will set up for this purpose so that Paypal and Credit Card Options can be made available. SO FAR 5 FANS SAID THEY WOULD USE THIS METHOD. (let me know what method you will use) Each fan will send me the wording for their message with their payment. The ad copy will be set up and submitted with payment to the paper. The distribution of the paper will follow.

If you'd like to take part in this add or have questions about it, send an e-mail to GnRAxlRosette@aol.com

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