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January 12th, 1997
Bach Around The Clock
Various projects include possibly teaming up with Slash and Kiss.

Screaming blonde metalhead Sebastian Bach may be standing in a spot traditionally occupied by screaming blonde metalhead Axl Rose come next summer. Bach, best known for fronting the hair band Skid Row, is a contender for the singing slot in a new group being formed by now-ex Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. Bach's short term goal, though, is to have his unlikely side project, The Last Hard Men with Kelley Deal of the Breeders, open for Kiss at the Meadowlands in New Jersey on New Year's Eve. The Last Hard Men include Bach, Deal, Jimmy Flemion of the Frogs, and former Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. The band was born when Deal contacted Bach to record a version of Alice Cooper's "School's Out" for the soundtrack of the new Wes Craven movie "Scream." Those October sessions in Minneapolis went so well they recorded an album's worth of material and are now even contemplating playing live. "Both Kelley and I want to go out there," says Bach, "and blow things up." Although the future status of the Breeders is unknown, Elektra Records confirms that Deal will be available New Year's Eve -- she will not be performing with her sister Kim as part of a resurrected group in San Francisco.

Bach has his own band troubles. He says that Kiss had originally offered Skid Row the opening slot, but his bandmates turned it down. "I can't believe they did that," says Bach incredulously. "It's just fucking ridiculous." The Kiss concert, he adds, is his dream date. "I've seen the band 11 times on this tour," he says. "I mean that's where I met Jimmy [Chamberlin]." Chamberlin, at that time, was still with the Smashing Pumpkins. It was just a week before Jonathon Melvoin's fatal heroin overdose and Chamberlin's subsequent arrest (and firing) on related charges. It's that particular incident that may well put a damper on Bach's hopes for the Last Hard Men to get their big Kiss off -- the drummer was sprung from his court mandated time in a rehabilitation center for the Last Hard Men's daytime recording sessions. A nighttime New Year's Eve gig is another story.

Meanwhile, Slash's manager Tom Maher confirms Slash is indeed actively looking for a singer, and that they are currently "listening to four or five tapes." Bach, in his hyperkinetic, kid-like delivery, makes no bones about wanting the job. "Slash invited me to stay at his place for three weeks back in '92 or something and he put me in a room with a bunch of snakes and shit and a black velvet Aerosmith poster," recalls Bach, shamelessly adding, "I mean he's just a great guy! You wouldn't have to twist my rubber arm, I'm ready to sing." And indeed, he just did. Slash and Bach appeared together two weeks ago in front of 3,000 people at a radio station benefit in Philadelphia. Bach joined Slash's Blues Ball for renditions of AC/DC's "Night Prowler," "Neither Can I" by Slash's Snakepit, and Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." The two also formed a band in '92 with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich called GAK for a show at the Hollywood Palladium. Over in the Guns N' Roses camp, the Neurotic Outsiders have canceled their tour plans leading to speculation that Axl Rose is getting his own way by having shared members Duff McKagan (bass) and Matt Sorum (drums) concentrate solely on Guns N' Roses.

Although Big FD management says the tour was never planned -- therefore there was nothing to cancel -- it was common knowledge that dates were being held in venues around the country for the Outsiders, which also features Duran Duran's John Taylor and the Sex Pistols Steve Jones. Taylor is now going to concentrate on his own solo career. Jones is reportedly guesting on the new Guns N' Roses album, which is now being written with plans to start recording in February. As for Slash's replacement, no permanent member will be named until the band is ready to tour.


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