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October 9th, 2002
Random news (Moby mentions GN'R on MTV + GN'R on Rolling Stone cover (sort of))
Moby was on MTV in Europe last night. He was hosting a show about the stuff MTV has made with him over the years.

Just before the first commercial break they showed a clip of Moby playing the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine. They also talked about how Moby met Axl and was asked to produce the new GN'R album.

An older clip was also shown with Moby's advice to GN'R. In his opinion they should just go in, have fun and record without thinking about the sales.

The reasons for Moby not producing the record were: he didn't think he was qualified to produce (he's never produced anybody else) and he didn't want to spend two years in the studio.


GN'R will sort of be on the cover of the next Rolling Stone. The issue is titled the "Women In Rock Special Issue" and Shakira is one of the women on the cover (the other two are Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige!). Shakira is wearing a top with a familiar design on it. It's the Appetite For Destruction cross!

See the cover here.

Thanks to: Lorenzito 
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