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October 24th, 2002
More stores saying Dec 3rd is the release date
Looks like more record stores are saying Chinese Democracy will be released on December 3rd in North America:

Got this info from Steve in Canada who went to his local Music World store. There he saw a piece of paper that stated Guns N' Roses release date was Dec. 3. He asked a few questions regarding where the info came from and got the answer "the head office". Steve then asked where does the "head office" get their info from? To which the guy at the store replied the record label.

As you might now Music World isn't the first store to report this date. The date is still listed here and some stores in the USA are also saying Dec. 3rd is the date.

There is no official word on the album's release and this might just be another rumored date.

Thanks to: Steve 
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