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November 25th, 2002
Random news (Sum41 turned down GN'R? + Slash news + Pukkelpop article)
Sum41 was on Much Music's show Egos & Icons. This is the GN'R mention in that show:

Deryck (vocalist/guitarist): Axl or his management or something called up our manager and asked if we wanted to open for GNR in the summer.

George (VJ): Really?

Deryck: Yup

Steve (drummer): In Europe.

Deryck: Yeah, in Europe or something. So our manager was like 'how do you guys feel about doing a Guns N' Roses tour?' At first we were like 'REALLY?!' and then we thought 'wait a minute! who's in the band again? just Axl? Nah...'

George: You turned him down?

Deryck: Yup. We turned down G N' F'N R.

Steve: And we grew up on G N' F'N R.

George: That's how you know they've made it!


Slash made an appearance at the 5th annual Smoke Out show in Los Angeles. He joined Cypress Hill on stage to perform their song "Rock Superstar".

This is the Slash part from MTV's report:

Bone Thugs' brief appearance was later eclipsed in surprise-factor by Cypress Hill, who wound up a set comprised mostly of well-known classics with a show-stopping rendition of "(Rock) Superstar," embellished by some hot licks from hat-wearing, leather-jacketed guitar hero Slash. "I was gonna come down tonight anyway," Slash explained before he took the stage to huge applause, "and then I talked to Sen Dog and he was like, 'Do you want to come down and play on '(Rock) Superstar,' which is one of my favorite songs." The ex-Guns N' Roses axeman said he jumped at the chance, rehearsing with Cypress two days before, and even turning up at the event in a pot-leaf T-shirt.


Slash was also on MTV on a special about the Jackass movie. He said it's a very very funny movie and that there was a lot of stupid things in it. He also said something like "I've kinda been in a band before so I'm used to people doing crazy stupid shit like that"


Remember when GN'R played in Europe in August? There's an article about GN'R at Pukkelpop in Belgium at this site.

Source(s): Much Music, http://www.mtv.com  
Thanks to: Ashley, Drew, Adam, Art, Ton 
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