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December 16th, 2002
New Buckethead DVD & album + old Axl news
Here's some info on the new Buckethead DVD:

It's called SECRET RECIPE and it's designed as a celebration of the 13th Anniversary of his (fictional?) theme park Bucketheadland. Buckethead has a huge archive of footage and we're putting together highlights from each of the13 years in his career so far. There's also going to be one full length concert included.

The special features are not completely set in stone yet but as of today some of them are music videos (such as "The Ballad of Buckethead", directed by the brilliant comics artist Dave McKean), new songs, poster and photo galleries, an illustrated guide to nunchaka/guitar battling methods, and a definitive discography with detailed entries on over 100 Buckethead recordings. I don't want to give away the gimmick of the menus but suffice it to say it all follows a very Buckethead theme with lots of little surprises, gimmicks, secret messages and hidden features.


Super Diorama Theatre...coming in Summer 2003 featuring Bill Laswell, Gigi, Pete Scaturro, and Extrakd


Here's something quite funny from Seattle's The Stranger:

And can anyone please explain why the hell Axl Rose was working out at the Convention Center Gold's Gym last week? The Convention Center Gold's? Jesus--that's like seeing Quentin Crisp in a titty bar (and no, I CANNOT believe I just said "titty bar" publicly, and twice now).

Axl reportedly caused quite a giddy stir amongst the mostly gay male thirtysomething crowd at the gym (AKA everyone). His all-red sweat ensemble consisted of a headband, shorts, a sweatshirt, and matching silver-and-red Nikes (I'll be expecting a check for that, Mr. Nike), and he replied with a polite, very un-rock-star-ish "Thank you" when wished well by a well-wisher. Plus, he didn't break a gosh darn thing, hit anyone, or make any AIDS jokes.

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Thanks to: lastroots, Dave 
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