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December 30th, 2001
A little reminder for people in the UK. Slash will be on the
Jools Holland Hootenanny tomorrow on BBC2. Thanks Simon. [15:10]

The setlist was almost identical to the one in Rio.
Setlist courtesy of c2ya & Jonathan Lee. [13:10]

Waiting for the setlist from last night's show. [11:55]

December 29th, 2001
Viva Las Vegas!

According to snakepit.org, Slash might go and check out the GN'R show
on New Year's Eve. :-) [16:20]

December 28th, 2001
The first of the two Vegas shows is tomorrow. To all those going, have fun! :-)

Added a couple of Loaded tour dates. They're going to Japan in February.

Added link to the Dutch Democracy forum.

Updated some stuff. [0:35]

December 23rd, 2001
GN'R gets a mention in Allstar's list of 2001 - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.

Here it is:
Most Freaky-Deaky Looking Band: Tie: Guns N' Roses' new lineup and Mudvayne.

For the rest of that article, click here. [18:35]

December 22nd, 2001
Added link to Loaded Online. [16:15]

December 20th, 2001
Check out the cover of Gilby Clarke's new album, Swag.

Added stuff to the discography. [18:35]

December 18th, 2001
Updated some links. [14:25]

December 16th, 2001
Check out this article about Roy Thomas Baker (he's currently
producing Chinese Democracy).
It has some nice comments about GN'R. Thanks Bjarne. [16:10]

December 13th, 2001
There's a GN'R mention in Sonicnet's story about who's playing
where on New Year's Eve. [17:15]

December 11th, 2001
Added a news story from CDNOW's Miss Truth about the Vegas shows.

The first show seems to be sold out now.

In case you've missed it, gnronline.com has had a facelift.
Thanks for the reminder Kirill. [13:55]

December 9th, 2001
There seems to be tickets left for the Las Vegas shows.

Slash played Paradise City with Ron Wood last night in Dublin, Ireland.
Thanks to Sully over at the GN'R Bar.
They'll be going to London next. [17:20]

December 7th, 2001
The Las Vegas presale starts today at 10 AM and ends at 10 PM.
The public onsale starts at 12 PST tomorrow. Tickets are $125.00 - $250.00 for the show on the 29th
and $200.00 - $300.00 for the one on New Year's Eve.

Good luck to those of you who are going to try and get tickets. [13:25]

December 6th, 2001
The new Appetite For Destruction is a remastered version.
Read about it here. [16:20]

December 5th, 2001
Metal Sludge now has a GN'R "Exposed" page.
Nothing new there. You can see pics of similar flyers in your
Live Era '87-'93
booklet and the group pic here.
If you still want to check it out, click here. Thanks Milan. [14:50]

Las Vegas news from Sonicnet. [13:20]

December 4th, 2001
News from CDNOW. [21:50]

A little update on the Slash and Izzy rumor. Slash has confirmed that he and Izzy
have been jamming together in the studio. They were joined by Duff when he was
in Los Angeles. There are no plans to release the material they recorded.
Thanks Linda. [17:50]

Another news story from NME. [13:25]

It's official, GN'R will play in Las Vegas on December 29th and 31st!
Check out the news. [12:50]

December 3rd, 2001
More rumors. See news. [14:15]

December 2nd, 2001
GN'R to play Vegas (again)? Slash has no idea what the
mystery album at CDNOW is. See news. [14:55]

December 1st, 2001
Slash will be coming to England and Ireland to play.
He will be joining Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones) for a couple of shows.
See the dates here. Thanks to Linda. [17:05]

November 30th, 2001
I posted some thoughts on that Appetite For Destruction album.
See news. [14:10]

November 28th, 2001
Over at CDNOW.com you can advance order a copy of Appetite For Destruction.
This one costs $22.99 and it's expected to be released on December 11th.
I have no idea what kind of album it is....

Removed broken links and added some new ones. [14:15]

November 25th, 2001
Belgian Democracy has some pics from the Loaded gig where Slash was a
special guest. Check 'em out here. Thanks Bruno.

Added pic of Robin to his biography page. Thanks to the Finck Tank. [15:40]

November 22nd, 2001
Appetite For Destruction was at number 19 on VH1 UK's Top 100 Albums.

Updated equipment list. [14:05]

November 21st, 2001
Added Robin's equipment to the GN'R Equipment section. Check it out.
Thanks to the TankMistress @ Finck Tank.

Slash and Loaded performed It's So Easy and I Wanna Be Your Dog together
at Loaded's show at the HOB. Thanks KB. [14:30]

November 20th, 2001
Duff and Geoff from Loaded were on KNAC.com yesterday.
Read what they said in news.

Yesterday was also Matt Sorum's birthday.
Happy Birthday to him. [14:50]

November 19th, 2001
According to Duff, Slash will join Loaded tonight when they play
at the House Of Blues in Hollywood. [23:10]

Duff will be on KNAC.com tonight at 1:00 PM PST.

Axl seems to be pretty popular over at Metal Sludge.
Another Axl mention here. Thanks Kirill. [13:30]

November 17th, 2001
Added some things to the history. [14:30]

November 15th, 2001
KNAC.com will be interviewing Duff next Monday at 1:00 PM PST.
For more details, click here.

cdjapan.co.jp hasn't got the DVD after all. [13:50]

November 13th, 2001
According to amazon.co.jp the postponed Las Vegas DVD will be on sale on December 5th.
cdjapan.co.jp has the title on sale too. According to their site it was released in November....
Thanks José and Lourenco.

Read about the cancelled show in Helsinki here (in Finnish). Thanks Erjo. [15:25]

November 8-10th, 2001
Due to some problems with Passagen's ftp server, I haven't been able to
update this page in a while.

Read the news stories from NME, Sonicnet/MTV and KNAC regarding the tour.

Here's the news we knew was coming. The tour has been canceled. Read the press release
issue by Mojo Concerts in the Netherlands. [13:40]

November 7th, 2001
Happy Birthday Robin! He turns 30 today.

Queenonline.com has a poll with GN'R content. The poll asks who the preferred
frontman for Queen is. Axl or George Michael. Click here if you want to vote.

Thanks Renato.

Added a link to an Italian GN'R site called Guns N' Roses Unofficial Web Page. [14:00]

November 4th, 2001
Apparently Matt Sorum appears on a Queen tribute album called Stone Cold Queen.
He plays on the first track, Stone Cold Crazy. Thanks David. [13:00]

November 1st, 2001
Rockklassiker 106.7, Stockholm's only rockstation, had a poll where the
listeners picked their All Star band. Slash and Jimi Hendrix were picked as the
guitarists. Axl Rose (playing the piano) came in second place in the wildcard category.

The latest issue of the Swedish magazine, Cafe, has an Axl article.
You can see parts of it here (it's in Swedish). Thanks Daniel. [14:05]

October 30th, 2001
A little news update:
Slash and Perla got married in Hawaii on October 15th.
Thanks for the reminder Marijke and Alexander. [13:25]

October 26th, 2001
Today it's been five years since this site went online! [13:25]

October 25th, 2001
Somebody has started a GN'R petition online. See it here. Thanks Marijke.

If you missed Blind Melon's "Behind The Music" on VH1 you might be
unaware of the GN'R mentions in it. Thanks for the reminder Wardo. [15:45]

October 24th, 2001
Added some Loaded tour dates. These are in Anaheim and Hollywood. Thanks Paula.

Col. Parker news story from Reuters. [13:30]

October 23rd, 2001
Two users over at the chinesedemocracy.com Message Board claim they've heard a new version
of Paradise City on the radio.... [15:40]

Added a little GN'R update to the news section. [15:25]

October 20th, 2001
Added Col. Parker tour dates.
Thanks Alexander. [15:10]

October 19th, 2001
GN'R news from the Finck Tank. See news. [15:55]

October 16th, 2001
Misc. news (tour and GN'R mentioned in UK soap). See news.

Added/updated links. [13:10]

October 14th, 2001
Some updates here and there.

There's nothing new to report on the tour. [22:25]

October 11th, 2001
The tour seems very unlikely now. See news. [23:55]

GN'R tour still in doubt. The latest news from Metal Hammer. [13:40]

October 10th, 2001
Added some links (New Era, Armas N' Rosas, Raw Deal). [15:40]

October 8th, 2001
A little news story on Gilby/Col. Parker. [16:30]

October 5th, 2001
Still no official word on the tour. Tickets are still on sale for the shows.
Only Metal Hammer has reported that the tour is canceled. [17:15]

Matt news (guest appearance on an album). [0:00]

October 3rd, 2001
Updated version of yesterday's news story. [22:30]

I just found out that my passagen.se mail isn't working...... [1:20]

I have no idea how long this has been going on.... :-(
If you've sent me mail and it bounced back, you can try to resend it to the address mentioned above. [12:00]

October 2nd, 2001
GN'R cancels UK tour?!? See news. (This has not been confirmed yet). [18:20]

The release date for Gilby's new album, Swag, is January 15th. [13:50]

October 1st, 2001
Another GN'R mention in one of Metal Sludge's 20 Questions with.... See news. [19:25]


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