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Title: Slash in Soho
Post by: duga on April 06, 2004, 02:55:13 AM

Still in recovery mode the next night, I went to my weekly moonlighting DJ gig at the Soho Grand. The four hours are usually passed with mellow house music and downtempo. Imagine, then, how wussy I felt when SLASH from GUNS N' ROSES walked in, wearing his trademark leather pants and a leather jacket emblazoned with the logo of his new band, VELVET REVOLVER, his curly hair back in a ponytail, and pulled up a chair next to the bar filled with straitlaced dorks. He was in town mixing the record?"I'm the workhorse of the band," he explained later. Slash approached the DJ booth and asked if we could play some Velvet Revolver. I soon became his personal DJ, taking some of his requests (AC/DC, ZEP, and um, BEYONC? and MISSY). Slash was surprisingly sweet and hung out behind the DJ booth, selecting records. When he chose HOLE's Live Through This, we bonded over our love for MISS LOVE. He talked about G N' R's demise and AXL's descent. "If I hadn't left the band in 1995, I'd be a dead junkie," he confessed. "You have to move on with your life."

Title: Re:Slash in Soho
Post by: Kris Sunovagun on April 06, 2004, 05:27:08 AM

The rocker almost got in a bar fight because a drunk guy didn't believe Slash was really Slash. If you ask me, that guy deserved to get sucker punched. Pow!

thats funny :hihi: