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Title: The Art Of - Comments Please!
Post by: Eazy E on December 06, 2004, 07:10:28 AM
The Art Of is from Toronto.  They're planning on releasing an EP early next year.  They've got 7 songs recorded.  The band is planning on re-recording the first 4 because the drummer was replaced.  Here is their official website:

The "music" section is up and running, so you can listen to (or download) a few clips from their songs.  I guess their sound would have to be labelled Alt Rock.

Please check out the entire website, there is a live video of "The Program" featured on the site.  The performance is from their first show which was at Glendon's pub in Toronto.  Despite it being their first show, they headlined the performance and brought in a decent crowd.  They are VERY good live, they have a lot of energy.  They've since toured all the main venues in Toronto (The Reverb, Clinton's Tavern, 360, etc., etc.) before returning to the studio.

I'd like to hear some comments about the band AND the website.  What do you think of their flash intro and the website design?  My personal favourite songs are "The Program", "Love Atlantic", and "Better Way".  The three newest tracks are "Hours', "Prima Donna", and "Love Atlantic" which were all recorded with the current lineup.

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