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Title: Breach Of Trust
Post by: AxlsMainMan on December 26, 2004, 11:41:57 PM
One of the albums I wanted and actually got for christmas this year was the self-titled second album by the band "Breach Of Trust". I came across these guys while flipping channels a few weeks ago when their video for the first single, "Bad Trip" came on and it totally rocks. This album is very impressive music, and probably one of the best rock albums Ive bought in the last while. The standout tracks on it are "Bad Trip", "Just like you Wanted", "Edges of Summer", and "China Doll". Another thing pretty cool about this band is that their lead singer imo, looks totally identical to Gilby Clarke. Anyone else heard these guys, what are your thoughts/opinions, if not download some of those tracks. Very promising band.