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Title: W.Axl Rose Responds to Frivolous Copyright Suit by Former Guns N' Roses Members
Post by: jarmo on August 29, 2005, 01:05:29 PM
W.Axl Rose Responds to Frivolous Copyright Suit by Former Guns N' Roses Members

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 29, 2005--In response to a "frivolous" lawsuit filed against Guns N' Roses leader W.Axl Rose by two former band members claiming Mr. Rose attempted to change the copyright status and the royalty stream earned by the disgruntled pair when they worked with the band Mr. Rose's attorney, Howard Weitzman stated: "This is a classic case of premature accusation. If someone had taken the time to investigate or ask about this situation before rushing to judgment they would have learned that ASCAP (the entity that collects money for songwriters) made a clerical error and failed to appropriately divide and distribute the royalty's owed for the first quarter of 2005 to Axl and the former Guns N' Roses musicians. The amount ASCAP mistakenly sent to Axl's publisher was never received by Axl nor was he ever made aware of the error. The publisher alerted ASCAP to the error, returned the money immediately and asked ASCAP to remedy the situation by distributing the funds appropriately."

Weitzman further comments: "Rather than pick up the telephone and contact Axl or his representatives, his former partners scurried to file a lawsuit that contained false statements about Axl rather then making an effort to learn the truth regarding ASCAP's mistake. Slash and Duff have an unfortunate pattern over the past few years of filing sensational but baseless lawsuits for the purpose of generating anti-Axl propaganda. It is clear that Slash and Duff are looking for another opportunity to spread untruths about Axl in an effort to hurt his reputation and to alienate his fans while at the same time creating a profile for themselves.

"Contrary to allegations in the lawsuit, Axl has never denied that others made substantial contributions towards the success of Guns N' Roses, but there is little doubt as to who was the creative catalyst behind the group's success."

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