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Title: June 30th, 2007 - Auckland, New Zealand @ Vector Arena
Post by: jarmo on April 29, 2007, 10:37:29 PM
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Setlist: Welcome To The Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, Robin Guitar Solo/Jam with Frank and Dizzy, Sweet Child O' Mine, Better, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, You Could Be Mine, Jam, Dizzy Piano Solo (Angie), The Blues, Band Introductions, Richard Guitar Solo/Guitar Duet with Robin (People Get Ready/Redemption Song?), Out Ta Get Me, Piano Moving Jam, November Rain, Jam, IRS, Ron Guitar Solo (New Zealand national anthem, Don't Cry), My Michelle (with Sebastian Bach), Patience, Nightrain

Encores: Nice Boys (with Angry Anderson), Madagascar, Paradise City