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Title: Hear Chinese Democracry in full on K-Rock
Post by: jarmo on November 19, 2008, 03:19:21 PM

From the web site of 92.3 K-Rock in New York:

I?m afraid we must insist ? You will glue your ears to your radio, computer speakers, or AOL enabled iPhone this Friday and Saturday at midnight ?

If Axl Rose can give fourteen years of his life to making Chinese Democracy, you can give him 70 minutes of your undivided attention. The wait is over, Chinese Democracy, the new Guns N? Roses album is out Sunday?

Hear it early, in its entirety and without interruption, Friday and Saturday at midnight?

And hear a different album cut all weekend? Every hour, at the top of the hour.

Chinese Democracy - Hear it before you can buy it... And win it before you can buy it? courtesy of Geffen Records.
Thanks to: Anthony