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Title: how to get tickets when the show is sold out
Post by: fito_gnr on March 03, 2010, 12:09:25 AM
My friends, if this is possible in my country then I'm sure it's possible in every part of the world  ;)

I used to work in a travel agency and two days ago a friend of mine who still works in that company offered me a package for the GN'R concert in B. Aires. Everybody knows that the concert is sold out. The package includes one night in a hotel, transportation to the concert and all of the tickets even the VIP's are available at the original price. I'm going to the concert in Lima and I had difficulties in trying to get one of the B.aires tickets.. well now I'm going. It's even possible to buy a package for any of the concerts in SA. You just have to pay for the whole package (airplane ticket, hotel, ticket concert). The cheapest package for the concert in Argentina is 300$us.

Something you should consider is that, if you want this package you have to buy it from March 10th to March 17th or something like that I don't remember exactly right now.

Well if this is possible in Bolivia(I?m from Bolivia), I'm sure it will be helpful for anyone who wants to travel to a GN'R concert or any concert. I don't know how they have the tickets I suppose travel agencies have contacts with promoters or something like that.

If this is something that everybody knows then delete the post, I was just trying to help.

I'm just very HAPPY that i'm going to B.aires and Lima!!!   :beer: