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Title: Extra GNR Stuff For Sale!
Post by: troccoli on October 16, 2018, 02:39:38 AM
Well even I don't believe it, but somehow I am finally done with my extras list!  The links are below.  The files both contain the same info, just slightly different formats.  Here's how this is all going to work.  Whoever sends payment first gets the item, simple as that.  Not trying to be a dick, but I have been burned in the past.  If you live in a country other than the USA please be aware that you may have to pay customs duties on things you buy.  It is your responsibility to find out if you will and how much those duties are.  I accept US cash, USPS money orders, and PayPal.  If you pay with PayPal you will be responsible for any and all fees.  If you send as a personal payment and use your PayPal balance or a bank account for payment there are no fees.  PayPal personal payments are not available in all countries.  I will calculate shipping to the best of my ability.  If it costs more than I quote I will pay the difference.  If it costs less than I quote the difference will be refunded to you.  I will not be responsible for lost and/or damaged mail.  You can pay to add insurance if and when available.  I have a great track record of sending things packed well, but you never know.  As always, be sure to ask questions!  My PayPal address is

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Title: Re: Extra GNR Stuff For Sale!
Post by: troccoli on November 01, 2018, 01:59:17 PM
So various items have now sold.  Here are updated lists.  Again these lists below are the same, just slightly different formats: