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Author Topic: Board rules / posting guidelines [2016 edition]  (Read 16690 times)
If you're reading this, you've just wasted valuable time!

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"You're an idiot"

« on: July 30, 2004, 01:47:31 PM »

To make your stay here as pleasant as possible, you should follow these simple guidelines / rules:


It's not cool to insult other members of this board!
Posts that only attack another poster without any contribution to the discussion aren't allowed. Anyone consistently attacking other board members will be banned.

Use the Private Messages for private messages!
If you want to ask somebody a question that isn't gonna involve the rest of the board, send that member a PM.

Make sure your mailbox isn't full!
When you register, make sure your mailbox can receive the e-mail with your password. Same applies when you use the notification feature.

Only one username per poster.
No, you don't really need two or more usernames to post here. If we find out you're using multiple accounts, at least one of your usernames will get banned.

Your profile:

You can have a personal signature in your messages. Please use text only in your signature.
This way we won't get a board where the signatures take forever to load.

If you want to use a personal icon, please use a small image. Images bigger than 70 x 70 pixels won't work.


Make sure you understand that this is a fan forum!
Any personal attacks, slander and/or insults of any kind will result in action from the administrator and/or moderators.

People don't come here to read about how you think the band sucks.

We also reserve the right to remove posts that are either untrue, slandering or speculative in their nature. Speculating about legal matters is often pointless because we don't know the full story.

No Photoshopped images of the band/band members.
We don't want to take part in spreading fake photos.

Understand what the different sections are for.
Former members have their own section, bootlegs as well and so on.

Posting other people's (including past or present band members) personal info such as home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc. is not allowed.
Respect peoples' privacy.

Posting pictures of Buckethead without his mask isn't allowed.
Until Buckethead decides to start appearing without his mask, you won't see that kind of pictures here.

Don't post in CAPS. It means that you're shouting and it looks stupid.

Use colored text with moderation.
It might look nice to you, but others might just ignore your post because your whole post is in bold red text.

Post only in ENGLISH. If your English isn't perfect, don't worry about it, many of us are from non-English speaking countries.

If you're new to the board it's recommended that you lurk for a while before posting.
Read recent posts to get a sense of how members behave and the tone of discussion.

Use subject lines that are clear and descriptive of what the thread is about.
"Look At This!" isn't a descriptive subject.

Don't post simply to complain about someone else's spelling and grammar or complain about the thread itself.

If you don't have anything to add to the discussion except "I agree" or just smileys, please don't post in that thread.
Lot of people find that kind of posts annoying. Smiley only posts are likely to get deleted since they don't contribute anything to the discussions.
Also, posting just "+1" is not adding anything to the discussion.

Try to come up with something besides "I agree", or even worse, "+1".

Attention seekers don't bother posting here.
If you're only here to start fights and post negative posts about the current band, you will get banned sooner or later.
Please don't respond to trolls. Instead just report the post in question to a moderator and it will get dealt with as soon as possible.

Also, if you're only here to remind us all of how much this place sucks and have some kind of personal issue behind your opinion, please stay out. You won't feel welcome here with that kind of attitude.

Stick to the subject
Not every thread in the GN'R section has to be about how big idiot Axl is or how much better things used to be.

Subjects evolve, that's understandable but when every subject turns into fights, then it's gone too far.

No new threads about "Favorite GN'R album" or "Who's the best guitarist" allowed
We have two special threads/polls dedicated to those discussions. Use them, don't start new ones

Spamming the board is not allowed
Yes it might be fun to post, especially if you're new here and have lots of question you wanna ask. But please, look around before starting new threads.
Many of the "newbie" questions have been discussed before.
Bumping your own threads because nobody replies in them is also not allowed.
Posting the same thing over and over is considered spamming.

Check out the Search function
If you're about to ask about some older event, you might want to try the search function before posting a new topic. Same thing if you found an old news article, see if it has been posted first. If it hasn't you can post it.

Use quotes with moderation.
You don't have to quote the whole post when you're only replying to the last paragraph.

This board isn't the place to discuss GNFR riddles.
If you're into that, go somewhere else. As far as we're concerned, that site has nothing to do with the band other than trying to fool people into thinking it's GN'R related.

No links to downloads of officially released (or to be released) material
If you want to download GN'R albums online, this isn't the place to get links for those kinds of sites. The only allowed instance of linking to officially released material, is links to authorized streaming media. That means, links to radio station archives, links to streaming music videos, links to record company web sites that offer preview clips etc. No links to or requests for any illegal tracks (including any leaks).

Furthermore discussing leaks isn't allowed. Leaks happen because somebody steals from the band. Taking something that is not yours from the band and putting it online. GN'R's releases should be released by GN'R when they think it's time. Not be somebody else.


Scalping tickets and selling of bootlegs is prohibited on this board.
This board is made by fans for other fans. By selling overpriced tickets and bootlegs (usually other people's work), you're basically taking advantage of fellow fans. The only bootlegs you may sell are used SILVER CDs or DVDs (pressed by bootleg companies such as Kiss The Stone, Aces High, Metal Sword, Bondage Music, etc.

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