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April 15th, 2004
AJAX GARCIA: I Was Approached About Playing Guitar For GUNS N' ROSES
Ajax Garcia, founder of late '90s punk rock n' roll band THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS, was reportedly approached about filling the vacant guitarist slot in GUNS N' ROSES following the recent departure of Buckethead.

In a press release date April 7, 2004, Ajax explained how he came to be mentioned as a possible touring member of Axl Rose's new band:

"Yes I was contacted by GUNS N' ROSES bassist Tommy Stinson on playing guitar for GUNS N' ROSES," Ajax said in a statement. "I was informed by a mutual friend that Axl Rose was possibly interested in a replacement for Buckethead so I expressed my own interest. Mr. Stinson got the word and called me. He didn't really elaborate about the status of GN'R's relationship with Buckethead at the time but would only say that he wanted to get back with me and would definitely let me know what is up when the timing was right. Stinson seemed like a real cool guy but I have yet to hear back from him or anyone else from that camp. This doesn't mean that I would not welcome the opportunity to play guitar with the new version of GUNS N' ROSES.

"In my opinion Axl Rose is an amazing personality and talent. The real deal! In regards to the way he runs his show? His business is his business. I run my show as well with THE BLOWNAPARTS and it isn't easy. If something fucks up? The leader shoulders 100% of the blame and ultimately ends up the bad guy or the asshole.

"The general public has a hard time swallowing pills this big. Look at Morison, or Richards? Hell, what about Gene Simmons for that matter? He is super successful and so that makes him an easy target for criticism. Axl Rose knew what he wanted and he went for it and I commend him for that.

"GUNS N' ROSES are like the STONES, or ZEP for my generation. I was part of the whole Generation X label and I remember the press trying to tag NIRVANA and Kurt Cobain as the voice of my generation. Although they were great at what they did, Kurt Cobain or NIRVANA as a whole definitely did not speak too or for me like GUNS did.

"I always looked at GUNS N' ROSES and NIRVANA like THE BEATLES and the STONES with NIRVANA being THE BEATLES of course. GUNS put it best for me in one song, 'It's So Easy'. Axl sang I see you standing there, you think you're so cool. Why don't you just fuck off!!! That was some bad-ass shit, man.

"Keep on moving forward GUNS N' ROSES."

For more information on Ajax Garcia and THE NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS, click here.

The original press release can be found at this location.

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