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April 20th, 2004
GN'R in Classic Rock + Izzy mention + VR on vg.no + more
GN'R are featured in the latest issue of UK's Classic Rock magazine. Axl is on the cover and inside you can find an old interview with him.

The magazine also reviews the Greatest Hits cd and reports on Buckethead leaving the band.

xfm.co.uk has a small article about the New York Dolls reunion and it mentions Izzy.

Norwegian newspaper VG, has an interview with Velvet Revolver on their site (in Norwegian).

The article, which is an interview with Duff, Matt and Slash, mentions things such as:
- According to Duff, Axl wanted to make a techno album
- It's a wonder that it lasted that long. Axl was the only one not addicted to alcohol or drugs. But he was about to break down from day one.
- Slash was invited by the Rolling Stones to see their first show on their 1989 tour, but he was so high that he fell asleep at the hotelroom and missed the whole thing.
- Duff, Matt and Slash say that the last thing they wanted in Velvet Revolver was a new Axl.
- Matt says that they are the only rock band left along with Queens Of The Stone Age.

In other GN'R related news from Norway, the Greatest Hits is still at #1 on the album chart there. It's been at the #1 spot for four weeks out of its five on the chart.

The album is currently at #6 in Italy. The album is believed to sell around 60-70000 copies in the USA this week.

Source(s): Classic Rock, http://www.xfm.co.uk , http://www.vg.no/  
Thanks to: Lineker10, Graciela, Nina, Jonas, Erik, Surge, jaknudsen, Asgaroth, Sky72 
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