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November 5th, 2002
Random news (Offspring's Noodles on Axl, another release date rumor + more)
This is from Offpsing's official site. Noodles Road Journal:

The three festivals in The U.K. were awesome as always. They were at Leeds, Glasgow, and Reading. All weekend we played with NOFX again, as well as Incubus, The Prodigy, Slipknot, and even Guns-n-Roses. I decided not to check out GNR when Axel rode up in his limo with presidential-style security guys running alongside. His whole security thing such a hassle for all the other bands and crews, and such a needless scene, that I refused to give that band any of my time. By the way, did anyone catch Axel's hairdo on that MTV show a couple of months back? Real original, Huh?


Tenacious D played in Stockholm a few days ago and there was a review of the gig in Expressen (a newspaper). Apparently Jack Black performed a short version of Mr. Brownstone.....


More stores reposting a December release date.

Now there's an Israeli online store who's reporting a December release date for Chinese Democracy. Musica Neto says it'll be released on the 15th of December. We'll see about that....

You can see the listing here.

Source(s): http://www.offspring.com , http://www.expressen.se , http://www.musicaneto.com  
Thanks to: Dexter6185, duga, amit 
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