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November 23rd, 2002
Slash news from Totalrock
Total Rock aired a Slash interview tonight. He talked about the new band with Duff, Izzy and Matt as well as the new GN'R. Here are some of the things he said:

The band started in May this year. Before that Slash was working on starting a band with Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes).

Matt asked Slash and Duff to play at the Randy Castillo tribute. Slash called Josh and Keith from Buckcherry to join them at the gig.

They went into the studio, did six songs and played at the tribute show.

The following day Duff called and asked if they should continue with the project. Josh and Keith left because things didn't work out.

They've written about 50 songs. Then a couple of months ago Izzy popped up and wrote some songs with them.

They're still looking for a singer and some of the people they've tried we have heard of. They're not looking for somebody to emulate Axl.

Slash wouldn't do a reunion with Axl in the foreseeable future. If it would happen, it would have to be some kind of unheard circumstances.

Slash said that people around him are more irritated about Axl using the Guns N' Roses name than he is. Sometime in 92 or 93 the contract was forced upon the members. They were told that a certain singer wouldn't go onstage if they didn't sign it. It basically said that if the band broke up or Axl left, he could take the name with him.

Slash thinks that it's cool that Appetite For Destruction is being considered one of those classic albums. He himself bought some Stones records recently that he knows he has bought before. He considers certain records as records that you have to have at all times.

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