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December 6th, 2002
Misc news (Axl wins People magazine poll + interview rules)
This is from the current People magazine (week of 12/1)

"People.com asked: They've all hit their 40s and are still onstage. Which one still rocks the hardest?"

Axl Rose 49%
Bon Jovi 38%
Bono 8%
Sheryl Crow 5%


This is from Metal Sludge:

We had the following sent to us from a DJ at a radio station. They are doing an interview with Axl and his management sent over the following info to them:

1. The interview should be taped in advance and not promo'ed until the station has the tape in the can.

2. Questions about the following are off:
a) Slash or any of the other former members of the band
b) Other bands or other music in general
c) Vancouver
d) Timeliness

3. The interviewer should ask about:
a) The current tour
b) His new music
c) The new record (Chinese Democracy)
d) He spent some time in China and wrote songs there - what was it like?


Not exactly shocking news that he wants to talk about the tour, new music and Chinese Democracy.

But he has actually talked about some of those forbidden subjects anyway.....

Source(s): People magazine, http://www.metal-sludge.com/  
Thanks to: CokeAddict, Jeff 
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