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December 8th, 2002
Tour cancelled according to CKY
This is from CKY's official site (www.ckymusic.com):

GUNS N ROSES TOUR CANCELLED !! TYPICAL. and freakishly EXPECTED. haha. they really fucked the Philly fans over, really bad idea..i wouldnt suggest they come back... so,..we are going home after over 50 shows...from our own headlining shows to tony hawks boom boom huck jam tour on to a month of the fucked up GNR tour , it has been great...CKY did play in NYC at Madison Square Garden (legendary) and in Philly at the cancelled FU center show on friday. so we played the (2nd) cancelled show that resulted in a philly riot..part of history..glad to be part of it..more history to come...we are definately phsyched to take a short break and get back to more playing and fucking shit up the way we like it. better the change.

Source(s): http://www.ckymusic.com  
Thanks to: Jeff 
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