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December 17th, 2002
Bums N' Roses - Rape threatened during riot
Bums N' Roses
By Stu Bykofsky

THE TALLY is in and while it could have been worse, it was bad enough.

Following the cancellation of the Guns N' Roses Dec. 6 concert, mob mentality took over as hooligan fans vented their anger on the arena and the First Union Center staff, instead of on their absent hero, Axl Rose.

Several female ushers were threatened with rape by some GNR goon fans. Word quickly spread among Center staffers to hustle women workers to the Victors Club, which stationed guards at each entrance. More than half the women got there, say Stu's Spies, although some female supervisors stood their ground and refused the haven.

Center officials won't release the damage (this will likely come out in the lawsuits), but I'm told the tally includes almost 160 seat cushions destroyed, up to 90 seats bent or broken, the ceiling torn out of Club Box No. 4, a sound board destroyed, massive amounts of obscene graffiti and 15 people injured.

Despite the damage, the Center was cleaned and repaired by 11 a.m. the next morning when doors opened for a Flyers afternoon game.

Here's how that happened: Around midnight a call went out to Comcast-Spectacor carpenter foreman Tim Allen, who rounded up a crew which worked through the night.

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