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December 21st, 2002
Random news (MTV Poll + Time mag + Buckethead @ MSG)
You can vote for GN'R on MTV's site in the poll for this year's top news story. Vote here.


There's a GN'R mention in Time magazine Dec 23rd on page 83. It mentions the Vancouver no show, the Philly no show and talks about the tour cancellation.


Guns N' Roses Guitarist Can't Kick the Bucket

The Guns N' Roses tour may have been canceled last week because Axl Rose was a no-show at the group's Philly concert, but Rose isn't the only band member who's been acting strangely.

Backstage at Madison Square Garden, after the tour's now-final concert, eccentric guitarist Buckethead -- who wears a KFC bucket on his head and a Halloween-like white plastic face mask -- was having a hard time getting out of character. "Chris Rock was saying what a great show it was," says our informant, "and Buckethead just retreated into the corner and sat there, refusing to take the mask off." After about twenty minutes trying to speak with the masked man, Rock gave up. He was heard muttering on the way out the door that "that guy is freaky, talking to me with his mask on. Why the fuck wouldn't he take it off?" For over an hour afterward, we're told, Buckethead still wouldn't budge. "He was literally hiding behind some lockers," our source continues. "His girlfriend came, and I wouldn't say they were having a fight. I think she was trying to coax him into taking off that mask."

Source(s): http://www.mtv.com , Time, New York Magazine  
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