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October 16th, 2003
Hungarian GUNS N' ROSES Concert Hoax Perpetrators Arrested, Charged With Fraud
Hungarian police have arrested three people in connection with an elaborate GUNS N' ROSES concert hoax that resulted in the sale of a number of "tickets" to a fictitious show by Axl Rose and Co. in Budapest.

The two men and one woman — identified as S. Boldizsár (26), H. György (24), and K. Mónika (26) — allegedly made 704,000 forints ($3,000) on the scam, far short of the $100,000 that they had been rumored to have collected by selling bogus GNR concert tickets during the Budapest Parade and the Formula 1 race at Hungaroring.

The alleged fraud began in late August when large posters (photo) began popping up around the Hungarian capital inviting the public to attend the only Hungarian show on GNR's "Chinese Democracy Tour" — which the scam perpetrators claimed was to be held on Sept. 26, 2003 at an airport site that is currently only partly used. A stand was set up (photo) at a parking lot of a huge shopping mall and tickets (photo) were being sold at 11,000 forints apiece (about $45 each) to fans who didn't realize that the entire thing was a hoax.

More information (in Hungarian) on the incident and the subsequent arrests can be found on the official homepage of the Hungarian Police as well as on the Hungarian GNR fan web site Newera.fpn.hu.

(Thanks: A Profi / Newera.fpn.hu)

Source(s): http://www.roadrun.com/blabbermouth.net  
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