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January 14th, 2004
GN'R mention in The Province newspaper + Brain drum ad
There was a little GN'R mention in a newspaper in Vancouver BC, Canada called The Province. The Sunday January 11th edition had a list list of the Top Ten Reunions That Should Be.

Guns N Roses was listed at number 8 and the Top Ten went like this:

1. Police
2. Spice Girls
3. The Kinks
5. Van Halen
6. the Cure
7. the Smiths
8. GN'R
THE YEARS: 1985- present
THE ORIGNAL MEMBERS: An unstable lineup existedfor a few months that included drummer Rob Gardner and L. A. Guns founder Tracii Guns, but official GN'R is Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff Mckagen and Stephen Adler.
WHY THEY BROKE UP: A Guns N' Roses still exists under the unstable Rose while Slash, who left in 1996, has most of the Gunners alumni with him in Velvet Refolver. Drugs, booze, fatigue, and temperment.
WHY WE WANT A REUNION: Unpredictable, Guns N' Roses were masters of the grand and sometimes futile gesture. What went on onstage was real and has become legendary. We want some of that legend back.
THE CHANCES: Axl has something to prove if GN'R's Chinese Democracy is ever released. After that?

9. Cream
10. Talking Heads

There's an ad for the LX Series drums by Drum Workshop in the DRUM! magazine VOL. 13, #1 February/March 2004 issue:
Brain Ad

"This thing SOUNDS KILLER right out of the box!" - Brain

Source(s): The Province, Sunday January 11th, DRUM! magazine VOL. 13, #1 February/March 2004  
Thanks to: Barrie, Gypsy 
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