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January 15th, 2004
Tommy Stinson update
The following update was posted at Tommy's official site:


JAN. 15:
Happy New Year to all,

Here's all the latest in the world of me. I have finally completed all of the recording for my first solo record. It has taken longer than anticipated, but it usually does. I think it will be my most ambitious record thus far.

I have used instruments, and players that I have never used before which was a blast (Josh Freese, Jason Freese, Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus, Dave Philips, Gersh, Juliette Beaven, and Joan Jones). I'm sure some will call it amongst other things - self indulgent, but when you pay to make a record out of your own pocket you are afforded the luxury of doing it as you please. Hence, I am very pleased. I am also very over it. For my next record, I may have to go old school and make a record in a week. Maybe one mike and some gaffer tape. It's just a thought.

Also in the last week I have sold this here new record thing to Sanctuary Records. Yippeeee!!!!!

It will come out world wide as well as your neighborhood some time in the near future. Aiming for summer/early fall, but many questions need be answered before I'll know for sure, and will update you when and how you might get some special treats through my site.

I may update the song bites to give you an idea of whats to come, but need to make sure this is cool with my new record company first. They are an awesome bunch of peeps, but I would hate to do something to piss them off so early in the process.

Also it may take another day or two but, Merch.com is going to be a link on my site to get t-shirts, etc. I have some t-shirts from my summer tour available in various sizes, and more things to come as the record gets released.

I think thats all I have to update ya'll on for now.

Thanks for listening,

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