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January 24th, 2004
Weiland ordered back into lockdown rehab + Slash on Guitar World's 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists Of All Time list
Scott Weiland appeared in two separate courtrooms to address drug charges on Friday (January 23) before being ordered back into lockdown rehab. The former Stone Temple Pilots frontman and current Velvet Revolver singer pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in Los Angeles Superior Court to charges of driving under the influence of drugs, stemming from his late October arrest. But because Weiland had left his court-ordered lockdown rehab last month, the singer was ordered into another six-month lockdown stint at a separate, undisclosed facility, with six months of aftercare treatment. Should Weiland walk away from this round of rehab, or test positive for drug use, a bench warrant will be issued for his arrest. His next progress report is scheduled for March 5.

There's no information on how/if this will affect Velvet Revolver's planned promotional tour in March/April.

Guitar World magazine had a 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists Of All Time list in their March 2004 Issue:

1. Tony Iommi
2. Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield
3 Angus & Malcolm Young
4. Randy Rhoads
5. Eddie Van Halen
6. Jimmy Page
7. Dimebag Darrell
8. Zakk Wylde
9. Adam Jones
10. Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman
11. Dave Murray & Adrian Smith
12. Jimi Hendrix
13. Glenn Tipton & K.K. Downing
14. Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley
15. Slash

As the lead guitarist for Guns N' Roses, Slash brought a gutsy dose of swagger to late-Eighties metal, a scene that had, by that time, been rendered dickless by sanitized hair bands and prissy shredding. Armed with a Les Paul, a top hat and the second most iconic Afro in guitardom, Slash took a cue from the toxic, protopunk abandon of the New York Dolls and made metal safe once again for nasty riffs and dizzy rhythms.

SHINING MOMENT The solo in "Sweet Child O' Mine"

LAST HEARD In Velvet Revolver, featuring former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland on vocals

Source(s): http://www.mtv.com/ , Guitar World magazine, March 2004 Issue  
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