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February 9th, 2004
Buckethead @ The Grammy Awards pre-show + new Buckethead album coming + Duff, Slash & Matt At Pre-GRAMMY Party Photos
Buckethead appeared on the on E! Networks Grammy pre-show earlier tonight.

He was with Bootsy Collins. Joan Rivers asked him if he was enjoying himself, to which he nodded.

Bootsy mentioned Buckethead's involvement with GN'R briefly, and then said that "Bucketheadland" is his finest work.

Bootsy also mentioned that Buckethead was with Parliament Funkadelic tonight, which are scheduled to perform.

In other Buckethead news, his next album is titled "Population Override" and it's scheduled for release in March via Ion Records worldwide.

It features Buckethead on guitar & bass, Pinchface on drums and Travis Dickerson on keyboards.

Duff, Mat and Slash were among the attendees at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party on Saturday (Feb. 7) at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Check out photos from Film Magic: Slash, Duff+Matt. More photos at LFI.

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