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February 17th, 2004
Guns 'n' Roses Fans Protest Greatest Hits
A segment of Guns 'n' Roses fans are ropable over the decision by Universal Music to issue a G'n'R greatest hits album without, what they say is, the approval of Axl Rose.

The Rose and Roses fans have started a petition, protesting the release of the album, claiming the songlist is simply not strong enough and that it contains no new material.

The up-in-arms fans also seem to be clinging to the illusion that the forever forthcoming Chinese Democracy album will one day surface, despite five years of false hopes from Axl Rose himself.

According to posts in the online forum discussing the disgust of a G'n'R greatest hits package, fans also seem to be under the impression that Universal is responsible for holding up 'Chinese Democracy' even though the label had the album publicly listed on their release schedule as far back as September, 1999 and had to withdraw the release when Axl Rose failed to deliver the master.

Read fans have their say on the release at http://gnr.dyndns.org/yabbse/index.php?board=2;action=display;threadid=10236

The Guns 'n' Roses 'Greatest Hits' album will be released in Australia in April.

The tracklisting is:

1. Welcome To The Jungle (from Appetite for Destruction, 1987)
2. Live And Let Die (from Use Your Illusion 1, 1991)
3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (from Use Your Illusion 2, 1991)
4. Sweet Child Of Mine (from Appetite for Destruction, 1987)
5. November Rain (from Use Your Illusion 1, 1991)
6. Patience (from G 'n' R Lies, 1989)
7. Paradise City (from Appetite for Destruction, 1987)
8. Civil War (from Use Your Illusion 2, 1991)
9. You Could Be Mine (from Use Your Illusion 2, 1991)
10. Don't Cry (original) (from Use Your Illusion 1, 1991)
11. Yesterdays (from Use Your Illusion 2, 1991)
12. Ain't It Fun (from The Spaghetti Incident, 1993)
13. Since I Don't Have You (from The Spaghetti Incident, 1993)
14. Sympathy For The Devil (from soundtrack, Interview With A Vampire, 1995)

By Paul Cashmere

Undercover Media Pty Ltd, February 17,2004

Source(s): http://www.undercover.com.au  
Thanks to: Serial Killer 
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